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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Spooky Spanktacular (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

Yes, I'm a little late in reporting on the Tampa Tanners Spooky Spanktacular, which was two weekends ago. I've been a little behind with a lot of things, including getting new video up on my clips store. However, I've finally managed to catch up to near where I should be, and am ready to start posting about the party.

After the meet and greet on Saturday, we gathered our supplies from our house and Katia's, and then headed to the hotel to get settled in for the night. We wanted an early start in the morning, so we were getting a couple of rooms so we could just sleep there. It also gave us a chance to get in some pre-party spanking fun for several of us. A part of that fun included playing around with a new toy that Todd and Suzy received from Cane-iac, a paddle with a small chalkboard on it. I should probably pick up one for the Spanking Bloggers Network, since our banner image is our name written on a chalkboard. However, I obviously shouldn't let Katia write it out, or we'll have to change our name to the Blogging Spankers Network. It's sad when you can't even remember the name of your own party.

The next morning, we started setting up in the ballroom as early as the hotel would allow us, which is a good thing, since I had a lot to set up for my own part of the decorations. I'll get into that more later, though, when I go into detail on my costume and antics as the party mascot, which will all come in another post. Once everything was mostly together, it was time to get into costume. I chose a scary outfit, while Cookie and Katia were goofy. Essentially, they just wore mismatched and tacky combinations of clothes and accessories, calling themselves “spanking stars.”

We weren't the only ones in costume, though. Newbies TB and Shauni came as a doctor and nurse team, while Suzy was a kinky flapper. We also had a sexy referee from out of state who joined us. Duncan, though, was able to wear a costume that didn't look like a costume. He found a shirt that is a copy of the shirts worn by the old Mickey Mouse Club. So, wearing the shirt and a pair of mouse ears, he came as a Mouseketeer.

We all had a lot of fun at the party, and we had plenty of activities to keep us busy. We had a ghost piƱata that we paddled into submission until it released the candy within. We used a long wooden paddle, at first, but switched to my aluminum paddle for maximum damage. We also drew the winner for the Cane-iac raffle set, which should probably have already been announced by the girls, I hope, along with video of the drawing. We also had the obligatory mascot spankings, and celebrated Shy's birthday, both of which will be covered in future posts.

More importantly, though, as well the reason that most of my readers are here, we gave and received a lot of spankings. Here is a picture of me spanking Suzy. I'm not sure why I'm spanking her, but who really needs a reason with Suzy?

For whatever reason, Shy has been acting all Toppy with Cookie, lately. It's probably because she knows that she's never going to have a chance to spank my ass, so she's spanking the next best thing, which is an ass that belongs to me. I guess that it's fair, though, as Cookie was able to spank her, too.

Todd was making the rounds, too, of course, including putting the tacky Cookie across his knee for some additional spankings. Obviously, Shy must not have warmed her up properly.

The best part, though, was having three new faces show up to enjoy the fun. The newbie couple, Shauni and TB, have never played in front of others before, or with anyone else. They very quickly changed that first situation, as TB warmed Shauni up properly for our enjoyment. Later in the night, though, TB approached me and asked if I would do the honor of giving Shauni her first spanking that she's received from anyone besides him. Although it pained me terribly to do so (*cough cough*), I took on the responsibility and warmed her to a beautiful shade of crimson that contrasted well against her white costume.

TB also tested the waters by playing with others, spanking many of the regular girls, including Suzy, who obviously deserved it.

Then, we had our pretty referee, who was very popular with the spankers, as can be proven by the healthy glow emanating from her cheeks while across my lap. I certainly think that she got her money's worth for attending the party, even though she's not a local. Hopefully, she'll find some parties closer to her, though I'll be happy to see her attend more of our parties in the future during any other Florida trips she may take.

Even though we're a small group, we always seem to have more fun than our size suggests. I'll have more to share about the party over the next week or so, as I'm sure that everyone's curious about my costume.

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