What is Tampa Tanners?

We are a group of adults who pratice safe, consensual spanking, both in and out of a group setting in the Tampa area. We will hold get togethers, spanking parties, and host other outings with friendly spanko's who just love to have fun! So come and join us today!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The April Party (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

On the Sunday of the Tampa Tanners April party, we got up early to get things started and moved to the party room. Since we still had access to the suite, though, we decided to take advantage of the location for a quick shoot. Cookie and Katia jumped in the spa, and we did a short scene in which they were playing around in the tub when they were supposed to be doing chores. After a good wet-bottom spanking for both of them, we wrapped up the shoot and cleaned up. I'll be posting that scene on my store within the next few weeks, depending on the schedule of clips that I have already set up.

In addition to the three of us, and Todd and Suzy, we also had another SpankingTube regular at the party. Niko, another local, was in attendance, along with an attractive female friend that he brought with him. They were also taking advantage of the location for a shoot, but I believe that it was for a private collection. With Katia apparently acting as my agent and cheer squad (I wonder how many other Tops have spanking play lined up for them by their own bottoms), I was able to have this lovely young lady across my lap for a very relaxing hand spanking before the party was over.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was dressed up as a bunny for the party, acting once again as the party mascot. This led to a significant amount of play, but I've already posted about that once, so I won't go into all of the details again.

We have a few very brave, and resilient, bottoms at the party. Todd can certainly dish out a serious spanking, I've been known to be quite sadistic at times, and Niko is famous for his own intensity and vicious implements. None of us seemed to have any shortage of play, though, or any of the other Tops in attendance. My aluminum paddle was tested out by a few valiant spankees, mostly at the suggestion of Suzy, who always seems to want to be one of the first to feel it. She's certainly fallen in love with it, and asks me repeatedly to find someone to make one for her.

Most of the party was open playtime, with little organization needed. We did have a few arranged games, but with everyone seeming to be able to keep busy on their own, we really didn't have to run them. The one game that we did, though, because there were some prizes involved, was for everyone to open plastic Easter eggs that Cookie and Katia had prepared. Many of the eggs had spanking scenarios, such as an implement and number of strokes, which was intended as an icebreaker. Some of the eggs, though, had prizes listed inside. I don't remember who won, but I'm sure that they enjoyed them. Most of us were too focused on spanking, though, to really take much notice. Of the two eggs that I was given, I only used one of the scenarios written on them, and forgot about the other.

One of the main themes of the party, though, was the birthdays of those in attendance, especially Cookie's. This, of course, meant that she received a LOT of spankings during the party, even from the bottoms. I really don't think that anyone missed out on swatting her backside. I know that all of the tops got their hands on her several times during the event, and even Suzy took a few swats, having practiced the night before during the Spankopoly game.

Everyone seemed pleased with how the party went, though we were missing a few members that we think would have only added to the good times. As odd as it may sound, though, we actually got a new member that very morning, right at the hotel! One of the hotel workers took an interest in what we were doing, and came back later to join in. I was a little unsure of it, but he spanked and was spanked, himself, so he seemed to fit in quite well. He didn't stay long, though, so we'll have to see if he pops up at our future events.

May news

The April party was alot of fun and we all had some great times. It is almost May and time to start looking at the future parties we have planned. For May we will not be having a Tampa Tanners party this month. But we will still be holding our meet and greet to give people a chance to meet us and other spanko's in the Tampa area. Here's the info for the Meet and greet on May 28th from 1Pm-4PM

date:Saturday, May 28, 2011
time:01:00 PM to 04:00 PM
address:2501 E Fowler Avenue  

Tampa Tanners invites all spankos to attend our meet and greet. The meet and greets are a great way to get to know other local spanking enthusiasts in the area in a friendly non-threatening setting, and to meet the Tampa Tanners leaders. We will also discuss options and suggestions for future events and parties. Please remember that it is held at a local family restaurant where kids and vanilla families will also be present, so please dress accordingly. We will be meeting in the back room, so tell the hostess when you arrive that you are with the Tampa Tanners group. There is no charge to attend the meet and greet, however, we ask that you tip the server generously for their time.

Our next party will be in June and we are holding it at the Phoenix club in Largo. which I am really excited about myself. I haven't gotten a chance to go there before but while I identify mostly as a spanko I do have other interests as well. So I get the chance to see a dungeon and meet some others that are into more then the spanking as well. This May party will be alot of fun as it will also be Katia's birthday celebration so I am betting she will be getting alot of spanking action in as well. Here's the info on that party.

date:Saturday, June 25, 2011
time:08:00 PM to 02:00 AM
where:Tampa Bay Phoenix Club
address:12850 91St. North Largo Fl, 33773  
cost:$25 for a Guest and there will be discount at the door for Tampa Tanners members
dress code:A Spanking Masquerade ball so wear beautiful and mysterious masks that hide your identity and act as decoration and accessories to your outfit.

Tampa Tanners has gotten together with the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club to hold a very special spanking night on Saturday June 25th. Our group will be at the Phoenix club for a "spanking masquerade" party. We will also be celebrating Katia's birthday as well. Tampa Tanners members attending Phoenix Club that night will get in for a discounted rate. If you would like to join us please email us info@tampatanners.com so we can give the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club an idea how many will be attending from our group. The theme for the party is a masquerade so dress up and lets see if we can recognize our members LOL. There will be snacks provided at the Club and the Tampa Tanners members attending will also receive the usual party favors and gifts from our parties. And don't forget it is Katia's birthday so she will need lots and lots of birthday spankings "wink wink" While you are at the Tampa bay Phoenix Club take a look at their store items as well, lots of great stuff at reasonable prices. Guests are welcome to purchase from the store.
Visit http://www.tbphoenixclub.com/Home_Page.php for information on the Tampa bay Phoenix Club
http://tampatanners.info/ for information on Tampa tanners Spanking group.
You can email Tampa Tanners at info@tampatanners.com

We are also working hard at getting the big party together. We have it set and are now looking for more attendees and vendors and models and all that good jazz. It is looking to be a big bash with lots of spanking fun and we are honored to have The Spanking Court joining us for this party. It already seems to be a great time with lots more being added as we go along. So it is a party that you do not want to miss. Here are the details on that party.

date:Friday, August 19, 2011 03:00 PM
end date:Sunday, August 21, 2011 12:00 PM
where:Tampa Florida hotel
address:Due to privacy and safety issues only registered guests will receive this information  
cost:$80 for single females, $140 for a couple and $90 for single males
dress code:Theme is School related. So you can wear your favorite school girl/boy outfits, principle, cheerleader etc. Themed dress is not required dress casual and ready for some spanking fun


Tampa Tanners will be holding their first ever two day spanking party. The theme will be a "Back to school bash" so get your school girl outfits out and come and join us for two days of spanking fun in beautiful Tampa Florida.
There are many more spanking activities we are planning but here is a list of the many we have planned already
*Spanking Court will be in attendance and will be taking cases please see their website at http://www.spankingcourt.com/
*Friday night pizza party
*icebreaker game that includes a souvenir ruler to have signed and other spanking games
*Vendor fair that includes a spanking booth to benefit the Lupus foundation of America, vendors fair with vendors from across the United States such Paddles and panties, Birchwood Academy and many many more.
*souvenir paddles made by Woodrage Paddles
*Door prizes from sites such as paddle masters products, cane-iac, Paddles and panties and a list that is still growing.
*demonstrations such as how to's for caning, domestic discipline, spanking industry demos, rope work and more.
*Catered dinner on Saturday night
*suite parties on Friday and Saturday nights
*A school themed party room for both nights
*The opportunity to meet many spanking celebs such as Cali-cutie, Mr. Kauffman, Niko, Cookie Crawford, Katia Spade and many others as our list is still growing.
Open play in party rooms and a whole lot of chances for plenty of spanking fun and the chance to meet and play in a friendly non threatening environment with other spanking enthusiasts!
Lots and Lots of spanking Fun!!
The hotel features a free airport shuttle from 5am-Midnight, free wireless high speed internet, free continental breakfast, free local calls, fitness center, business center and an outdoor pool, also an on premises restaurant and bar and is minutes away from many local attractions such as Busch Gardens, the Florida aquarium, and historic Ybor city. The Hotel accepts pets as well for a small fee.
Rooms are 79.00 per night with a discount for AAA members

To register please email us info@tampatanners.com
You can also visit our website at http://tampatanners.info to see more information and a gallery of pictures from previous smaller parties and such.

So as you can see we have many things planned and we are looking at a great time with lots of fun things planned for all.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Day Before (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

It's been a week since the April Tampa Tanners munch and party, so I guess I'd better start getting to the business of actually sharing what happened. Saturday was our third munch, and things really started to pick up. After March's poor showing, we were glad to see a number of new faces popping up. The new location was also a plus, since we really couldn't guarantee getting the back room at the Perkin's. It's also the same location used for the Tampa Munch, so it's a comfortable setting for our members to come to, since many of them are already familiar with it.

After the munch, our next order of business was to gather up everything for the party and head to the hotel. We had a suite arranged for the night so we wouldn't have to get up and transport everything to the hotel in the morning. Todd and Suzy were staying in the adjoining room to ours, so we were able to indulge in a little spanking play. I was also able to get a premature look at one of my birthday gifts. Cookie had Todd and Suzy design a special set of Spankopoly for us. Additionally, Todd and Suzy included one of the Spankopoly paddles that Cane-iac makes for them with the set. Essentially, I got to see and touch two of my birthday gifts a month early. I'll be sure to post some pictures of the finished product when I have a chance. I'm also getting ideas together for a custom Spankopoly board that I'd like to have done with a school theme for Birchwood Academy. That may be some time in the future before I get around to that, though.

Once everything started to settle down for the night, everyone wanted to play a game of Spankopoly. Well, that is, everyone except for me, who wanted to catch up on my sleep so I'd be well rested for the party. With several people waking me up to see if I wanted to play, though, as well as the sound of numerous spankings just one room away, there really wasn't much sleep to be had. When Cookie and Katia finally came to bed, I was immensely grateful for the chance to get some rest.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Bunny (X-posted, although late)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits, though a few days after the original)

No, this isn't about those cutesy stickers with the cartoon bunnies and snarky sayings, though I have been known to quote those from time to time. No, this is about my two favorite topics... spankings, and myself. As promised after the first Tampa Tanner's party, I continued my new tradition of being the mascot for our parties. For last month, I was dressed in green as the Lucky Leprechaun. This time, with April in full swing, I picked out another appropriate wardrobe for the event.

I had two choices that I was considering for my outfit. I could either go as the April Fool (which I nearly chose, and may return to in future April parties), or an Easter theme. So, I donned a pair of white pants and a blue pastel t-shirt as the basis of my outfit. I then added blue rabbit ears and a blue-trimmed Easter basket as accessories, even filling the basket with implements, including an Easter paddle-ball paddle. To finish the look, I took some of the furry fabric that I used for my shoot with Carissa Montgomery and sewed myself a fuzzy bunny tail. I was quite fetching, I think.

And, in keeping with the (new) Tampa Tanners tradition (as started by yours truly) of being spanked by the Tampa Tanners mascot (aka, me) at each party, several girls lined up for their chance to go across the bunny's knee. Suzy was the first to start it off, pulling Katia into the party room so the two of them could kick things off. Cookie followed shortly thereafter, and Shy also got her turn when she arrived fashionably late.





There were, of course, other girls who went over the bunny's knee, but these were the ones that I already know are comfortable with their pictures being shared. If more pictures become available, I'll add them to the post.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Its almost that time again for meet and greet and PARTY!

It is drawing very close to Saturday again. We are very excited and eager for it to get here. On Saturday April 16th we will once again hold our monthly meet and greet. However this time the meet and greet will be held at TGIF's 2501 E Fowler Avenue from 1PM-4PM. We had to change the venue so that we could get the privacy of a back room. We really hope to see some new and not so new faces again.

I also wanted to take this opp to thank everyone that has come out to support our group as it is growing. We have gotten alot of good feedback from people and I have had some people contact me that have heard good things about our group and wanted to join. So thank you for spreading the word as well.

As we go about organizing Katia and I are learning everyday new things and that can only help the group get bigger and better. We have had to make a few changes to things now and then but all the changes so far have been good and help to make things smoother and more fun for everyone involved. We have meet with some other organizers and are working and expanding our horizons so to speak. Katia and I got to meet an agent that is working with us and a big production company that will be joining us for the August party. That was exciting and we look forward to working with them both to provide a great experience for our members and party guests.

Speaking of parties....Sunday April 17th is our next party. We have already gotten quite a few attendees and since we switched our venue we are happy to say we can still take more. This party will be the second party for Tampa Tanners and will be a big birthday bash as well. It is not only my birthday celebration but there are at least two others that have a birthday as well that are attending. One Tops birthday is the actual day of the party. So you can bet there will be lots of birthday spankings going on. We also always try to have themes for our parties they make things more interesting and make for alot of creativity and games. This parties theme is "Spanking Showers" going with the spring and Easter concept. We have a few games planned including a special egg hunt type game and some prizes as well as the usual themed spanking related party favors. Not only will we have some great games fun and prizes the experience itself and the fun we all have together makes for great and lasting memories.

In May we won't be having a monthly party this time around. Before we started Tampa Tanners We had already made plans for Thomas and we wont be available for a party. One of our members had suggested that he would like to hold a small party in May in his home but we have yet to hear anything about that again so we don't know yet about that.

After this party on Sunday the next Tampa Tanners party will be in June and will be held at the Phoenix club in Largo. Ill send more information out on that as it gets closer. This party will be a masquerade as well as Katia's birthday celebration. So it isn't something you will want to miss and you might want to start thinking about getting your masquerade outfits together soon though.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Catching Up with Party Posts (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

It's about time that I finish up my report on the first Tampa Tanners spanking party. After our first icebreaker game, it was time to move to the main game of the night. Using a theme that a friend of mine uses at her own parties, the purpose of the game was to spank the image of a shamrock on the bottom of a spankee. The rules were simple. Each spanker would have five minutes to make the image, using anything that they had on hand to do so. In retrospect, perhaps the rules should have been a bit more specific, but hindsight is always 20/20.

There were five Tops at the party, and four bottoms, so there would have to be some spankees who would act as a canvas for multiple spankers. Since Shy is perhaps just a bit too dark-skinned to have too many clearly visible redness, she stayed out and acted as the timekeeper. Then, we drew lots to see who would be paired up with whom. Todd and Suzy were a team by themselves, so they had a lucky draw, especially for her. Cookie and Katia, though, both had to endure two spankers on their backsides, one for each cheek. To make this somewhat easier for them to handle, we broke this up into two segments, with one spanker going first for five minutes before the other spanker would get his chance on the opposite cheek.

I was paired with Cookie, as was another spanker. I opted to let him go first, waiting my turn until the first five minutes was over. He chose a hairbrush as his implement. I'm not sure if he really was interested in leaving a shamrock, or just in spanking Cookie's backside, as he was really giving it to her. It really didn't look much like a shamrock when he was finished, but he sure seemed to enjoy himself, which is the object of the party.

When it was my turn, I took a more deliberate and planned approach. Using my blue salad spoon (which is a spoon in name only, since I covered up the basin with resin long ago and painted it), I delivered three precise swats with the back of the spoon, and then flipped it over to give her a single stroke with the handle down her thighs. When it was over, I had a very clear image on her backside. I was very proud of myself.

No matter how good it looked, though, I was only in the game for the fun of it. As one of the party hosts, I wasn't eligible to actually win, and had originally suggested that I sit out and be one of the judges. The prize actually went to a spanker that had been very literal about the wording of the rules (which is why they should probably have been more specific). Todd used a green marker to outline the area where he intended to place the shamrock, leaving a very distinct border that he then colored in with one of my other salad spoons. To complete the image, he place shamrock stickers around the reddened area to make a very festive presentation. When you say that they can use anything, you've got to know that someone's going to be very creative with that.

The prize for the winner was a spiffy holiday hat and a red ribbon. Now, Todd will be ready for next year and I won't be the only person at the party wearing a silly St. Patrick's Day hat.

The April party is coming up quickly, and it is promising to be even bigger than our first. With luck, Tampa Tanners will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

Friday, April 8, 2011

April Party fast approaching

The next Tampa Tanners meet and greet will be Saturday April 16th from 1 PM- 4PM and will be held at TGIF's 2501 E Fowler Avenue. Also Next week will be Tampa Tanners second monthly party and we are all very excited and eager for it. We have switched our venue for the parties to a better hotel. With that comes a little more cost for us but the outcome will be much better for our guests we are sure and the room rental for the guests is also alot cheaper.

If you are planning on attending the party please contact us so we can get a count for the food and the party favors.

This party will be a spring themed party and will also include Cookie's birthday celebration. I also believe that their will be a few other attendees with April birthdays so I am sure there will be lots of birthday spankings going on. Here's the details for the party again.

Come celebrate spring as well as Cookie's 36th birthday with Tampa Tanners. As with all Tampa Tanners spanking parties there will be plenty of food, special gifts, contest and spanking fun. Space is limited so register today to join in the fun!
Tampa Tanners is supporting the cause "I love it in the can" Please bring a non perishable or canned food item to share as well. We will have a donation box available at the party and will give the items to the organizer of the cause to get to the local food banks.
Contact Cookie Crawford cookie@tampatanners.com or
Katia Spade katia@tampatanners.com
or email info@tampatanners.com
Check out the official Tampa tanners website!!!!
http://tampatanners.com/ for more information

We hope to see you there!