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We are a group of adults who pratice safe, consensual spanking, both in and out of a group setting in the Tampa area. We will hold get togethers, spanking parties, and host other outings with friendly spanko's who just love to have fun! So come and join us today!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Spanking Court (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

As already mentioned more times than I can count, the Spanking Court made an appearance at the Tampa Tanners Back to School Bash to film cases for their site. Several of our local members, and some from far away, showed up to bring their cases before the court.

For those that don't know how the spanking court works, it's not too much different than real court, just with the inclusion of spankings in lieu of more serious punishments. The defendant (as well as the plaintiff if there is one) stands behind a podium facing the judge. The guilty party (ie, the defendant, since we already know that they're guilty) stands behind the podium on the right, while the other parties stand at the left podium. Both parties are then given a chance to state their side of the case in their own words.
btsb spanking court 1.jpg
Judge Feenix Spanks listens to both sides, weighing the facts in the case and delivering a fair verdict based on what he is told. Naturally, this is a guilty verdict, since we already know that they're guilty or we wouldn't take them to Spanking Court. Of course, the girls of Tampa Tanners are guilty by default, anyway, so that works out just fine.
btsb spanking court 2.jpg
The defendant is then led by the beautiful bailiff, Dana Kane, to the Court Disciplinarian (aka, the Villain) to have the sentence meted out fairly and painfully. Naked from the waist down, they are strapped down to the spanking horse and made to count out each stroke as the sentence is served.
btsb spanking court 3.jpg
As can be imagined, I had several cases of my own to bring before the court. Cookie, Katia and Dazey all had charges brought against them. To make sure that they knew to appear, I personally served them with court summons, as you can see here.
btsb spanking court 4.JPG
Of course, as the plaintiff, I also had to appear before the court to state my side of the cases. As always, appearance is important if you want to sway others to see your side of the case, and I made sure to dress appropriately. I even had several extra shirts and ties so that I could switch out between cases and present a fresh appearance before the court.
btsb spanking court 5.JPG
The first cases were on Friday night, starting with Dazey's. She was found guilty of being a poor houseguest, and sentenced appropriately. Though I wanted to stay and watch the sentence carried out, I knew that Cookie's case was next, and I particularly wanted to look my best to convince the judge that she was the one in the wrong. So, I stepped out to freshen up and change my shirt, but Cookie stayed, though, witnessing Dazey's punishment and getting a good idea of what was in store for her. From what I've heard, Dazey took a very hard paddling, and was in clear distress at her sentence.

Cookie was next on the docket, having been brought to court on charges that she has been neglecting her medicine regimen. This was, of course, true, and she's been disciplined numerous times in the past about it, including several times on video. So, a guilty verdict was assured, and there was no surprise. Well, there was one surprise. I stayed to watch her sentence, and the Disciplinarian's paddle cracked on the last couple of strokes. After the shoot, everyone was amazed at how well Cookie took the paddling, since they said she only looked like she'd gotten a hand spanking. The Villain signed the cracked paddle, giving it to her as a souvenir.
btsb spanking court 6.jpg
Here's a better look at the paddle, showing the crack down the center that her bottom put in it. They said that they've only broken one paddle before this, so it was far from a common occurrence.
btsb spanking court 7.jpg
Both Cookie and Dazey left the court that night with some bruises as souvenirs. Everyone that comes before the court also gets to take the “Guilty” panties that they wear for the sentence, though I think more people are interested in seeing the beautiful bruised bottoms.
btsb spanking court 8.JPG
There was then a break for the night, with cases starting up in the morning. The first of these cases was the last that I was directly involved in. I had brought Katia up on charges of neglecting her diet, as well as not listening to the orders of her nutritionist, and of myself. Again, the verdict was guilty, and she received a firm paddling. I again sat in the sentence, though I was mostly concerned with that annoying spot on her bottom that keeps breaking open. It didn't, however, and the result was a heavily marked backside.
btsb spanking court 9.jpg
After Katia, there were several models lined up for cases before the court, including Ten Amorette (who will be featured in a future post) and Whitney Morgan. In the middle of all of this, there was also a couple, John and Michelle, who were relative newbies to Tampa Tanners, but decided to take part after only their second party with us. The very last case was Shy, who was taking herself before the court on charges of streaking. As the baby Tanner, she was nervous, though she had all of us there behind her. Here's a shot of the baby Tanner in makeup prior to her case being seen before the court.
btsb spanking court 10.JPG
Several of us also sat in with her during sentencing, lending her the moral support that she needed. She came through it with flying colors, though, much to the delight of everyone. Looks like the baby Tanner is growing up.

So, all of the girls were seen before the court and punished for their crimes. However, the spankings didn't stop there, as no one was convinced that these young ladies had learned their lessons, even with their “Guilty” panties on to show that they'd been tried before the court and duly punished. In fact, most of us just assumed that they meant that they were still guilty, and needed to be spanked more.
btsb spanking court 11.jpg
In my next post, I'll share a little more about Judge Feenix Spanks, as he did a lot more at our party than just sitting behind a desk and handing out guilty verdicts.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cornertime! (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

As already mentioned in my last post for the Back to School Bash, the schoolroom scene had a stool in the corner with a dunce cap. This became a popular photo opportunity for several of the brats, who were all too eager to have their picture taken wearing the dunce cap in the corner. Given how often I became a photo opportunity when I was dressed as the “mascot” at the previous parties, this doesn't surprise me.

Naturally, the Tampa Tanners management was among the first to strut for the camera, and Cookie was right there to don the dunce cap. She looks just like a naughty schoolgirl, too, with her hands on her head in the corner. Now, if only these girls were actually facing the corner, it would be perfect.
btsb corner 1.JPG
Katia couldn't have been far behind, much as she has been for other pictures for our parties. She should know that you're not allowed to have your phone in the corner, though. That will have to be confiscated, next time.
btsb corner 2.jpg
Now, the Cali Cutie (as seen on SpankingTube and the Spanking Court) has a better idea of where you should be when put in the corner. However, she's still turning around to see what mischief the other girls are getting into. Someone needs to teach these girls how to sit in the corner.
btsb corner 3.JPG
Now, Shy appears to be trying really hard to sit in the corner properly, but she seems to be having some trouble keeping the dunce cap on her head. She's probably going to drop it, which is only going to frustrate her teacher that much more.
btsb corner 4.JPG
Dazey, on the other hand, is absolutely displaying the wrong way to sit in the corner. With her flippant attitude, she's very likely going to go from cornertime to corporal punishment very quickly. If she's not careful, it may happen in front of the entire class.
btsb corner 5.JPG
Isabella shows us the picture of a repentant schoolgirl, though, with her body turned properly to the corner to contemplate her actions. If you take a closer look, however, you'll notice that she's sitting there on a bare bottom, suggesting that she might not have gone to the corner easily. It would seem that she had her backside warmed prior to being placed on the stool, and must now sit on the unforgiving wooden seat, squirming uncomfortably in full view of the entire class.
btsb corner 6.jpg
Yes, we had some naughty girls at the party. Amazingly enough, though, I don't believe that anyone actually took full advantage of the schoolroom scene for a roleplay or two. At least these pictures prove that the effort wasn't completely unappreciated, though.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day Preparations (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

The first day of the Back to School Bash started out quietly enough. Cookie and I had spent the night at Katia's apartment, having enjoyed a cookout with her family to unwind before the big event. That morning, I headed out a bit early to pick up Dazey and bring her to the hotel, while Cookie and Katia planned on meeting me there with the larger items, like my spanking horse and the school desks. Once the four of us had arrived, we started setting things up for the party.

Cookie set up a table outside of the main party room with the registration packets, arranging them so that each person's packet could be found easily. She was particularly proud of the poster that she made, though she didn't realize until much later that the lettering was actually upside down compared to the border. I don't think that many people noticed this, though.

Inside the room, Cookie set up a table for the Lupus Foundation charities that she was running. It was decked out in various shade of purple, as well as bracelets, canes and raffle tickets that were part of the promotions. She made the box in the background by herself, decorating it with purple designs and butterfly images. If you also think that you recognize those two purple school desks with Katia's and Cookie's names on them, then you have a good eye. I posted images of those two chairs a few months ago when I first bought them and announced that I'd be refurbishing them. As you can see, the project is finished.

There was actually two Spankopoly gameboards on display, both of which were customs made by Todd and Suzy that belong to us. Katia's gameboard was set out on a separate table, just in case anyone was interested in playing it. Often, this table became a place for us to sit and socialize, though no one actually played the game all weekend.

The other gameboard is my own, which features me and Cookie in the images. It was set up next to the Lupus Foundation display, along with some of Cane-iac's implements. It was primarily just a means of showing off some of the products that we endorse and approve of.

My own personal project for the party room was the mock classroom that I put together in one corner, just in case anyone wanted to roleplay in their school uniforms. Again, I don't believe that anyone actually took advantage of this, but it was there for them if they wanted to. I actually took great pride in my classroom scene, and even considered using it as a setting for a spanking video before the weekend was over. I had other plans, though, so I never filmed here.

Amid the normal chairs that we had to use for the scene, I was able to squeeze in the two real school desks in my collection. I really wish that I had more of these, but I'd probably end up having trouble transporting them if I had many more. Next time when we do a party like this, I may ask the owners of the Phoenix Club if we can borrow the desk and chalkboard that they have in their dungeon. You can never go wrong with too many school desks.

Cookie's contribution to the classroom scene was this dunce cap, which she made from poster paper. I brought the stool from home, thinking that it would go perfectly with the dunce cap. I set both of them in the corner, waiting for someone to earn cornertime. Of all of the schoolroom scene, the cap and stool got the most use, as you'll see in a later post.

Dazey helped us out with much of our preparations, including a bit of improvised artwork for the door prize table. She sat down at my teacher's desk and drew up a sign for it, using the Tampa Tanners emblem as inspiration. You can see how seriously she was taking her job.

The end result was appealing, though, as was the various implements and toys that were donated for the door prizes. All of our vendors donated a few items, and Cane-iac, in particular, donated a lot of items. When it finally came time to hand out the door prizes, everyone left with something, and many people left with two.

There were a few other preparations, such as setting up a snack table, and putting the spanking horse in the opposite corner, but these are truly the highlights. Once all of this was finished, it wasn't long before things started getting underway, and the fun was only just beginning.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A little on Cane-iac raffle and The Back to School Bash

As you may already know Cane-iac sent us a beautiful lexan cane set to raffle at the back to School Bash. Due to the low attendance we have decided to extend the raffle online and to other events as well. You can see the canes at any of the upcoming Tampa tanners events meet and greets or other events that I bring them to up till the drawing which we have extended until the Spooky Spanktacular party in October. The canes are wonderful you can see them at this link. Tickets are $3.00 each if purchased through online and $1.00 a piece if purchased at a Tampa Tanners event or in person at any event I attend and bring them. You can contact me through Fetlife or to my personal email at c00kie_crawford@yahoo.com (The O's in Cookie are zeros) for more information on how to get your raffle ticket online. If the winner of the raffle is not present Tampa Tanners will mail the set to them. So you wont have to be present to win. You can also email info@tampatanners.com for more information as well. So hurry up and get your ticket today it is a great set and will make the lucky winner really happy. The raffle drawing will be video taped and shared on this blog. So keep your ticket number handy for that. We will also contact the winner as well.

I also still have a few of the Derlin canes. canes that are available for a $10 dollar or more donation to the Lupus Foundation. You can email me at the above emails as well for information on those and I will also have them at any of the Tampa Tanners events or events I attend and am allowed to bring them to until they are gone. I will also have the Lupus bracelets that are available for a $2.00 donation. or you can just donate any amount you would like to benefit the Lupus Foundation of America. I am a lupus fighter and I know a few others in the scene that are as well so it is going for a great cause. I'm also currently looking into having a benefit concert for the lupus foundation by a local band that comes into my work and mentioned that they want to have a benefit concert. They aren't kinky but it could be a fun night for a good cause I just won't bring the canes to that event LOL.

Speaking of cane-iac and the back to School Bash alot of our door prizes from the party were donated by them. I have a few stories and pictures to tell of that as well though I know i am not going in order for the Bash retelling but that's okay i have it all in memory so nothing will be forgotten.

As I mentioned there were some vanilla security working for the Spanking Court that we got to meet and talk with over the course of the Bash weekend. These really really awesome guys and when we get big enough to warrent security at our parties we will certainly be asking for these two. They were awesome and they even addmitted at dinner that when they first got the call they were not to sure about us or the event and it was strange to them but they accepted anyway. by the end of the weekend we had them laughing and joining us for dinner and door prizes. They also told us what a wonderful time they had and how down to earth and great everyone was. That made our night as well having a vanilla who knows nothing about our lifestyle or anything sit with us and not think we were all freaks and weird for what they were hearing and seeing that weekend was neat. one security guy even walked away with a spanking stick by L means leather. here's a few pictures from dinner and the door prize drawing where everyone got something and then some. I can only post the pics from the ones i got permission and some of course didnt even want their pictures taken but you can see it was a blast.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aftermath of the Back to School Bash (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

After an eventful weekend at the Tampa Tanners Back to School Bash, I finally have a chance to sit down and talk about the experience. Today was spent mostly relaxing with Cookie, Katia and the kids, though I did stop by the hotel briefly to say goodbye to a few remaining party attendees that were leaving out this morning. I needed the rest, too, because my weekend was very tiring and full of spanks. I even have a small blister on the palm of my spanking hand, which is one of the best indicators of a great party. While it ended up being a smaller party than we'd planned, it still came out well, and the mix of people was just right to keep everything fresh and fun. Even the vendors did well, which we were worried about with such low turnout.

I'm going to collect my thoughts for a few days, though, before I go into any specifics about the weekend. I need that much time just for some of the pictures to start filtering their way back to me, and then a few days just to go through them and choose the ones that I want to post for my readers to enjoy. I'll also have some candid video from my spanking shoot with Ten Amorette that I'll need to find time to edit and post. So, unlike some parties in the past, it will probably be at least Thursday before I start giving out the details. Between now and then, though, I'll have a video promo to whet your whistle, and my usual batch of answers to spanking questions on Wednesday, so it won't simply be a boring week.

To give you a general idea of what to expect, though, here's a few of the highlights. Of course, as I've already mentioned, I had a shoot with the lovely Ten Amorette, which was incredibly fun to film and play with. Towards the end of our shoot, we had a candid play session that the camera was rolling for, and I'll share that video when it's ready. The Spanking Court also made the weekend a blast, as several of the Tampa Tanners girls had their day in court for Judge Spanks to declare them guilty, and send them home with souvenir panties proclaiming them as such. Speaking of Judge Spanks, I think that he single-handedly kept our vendors in business, and went home with a sizable collection of new implements, including a fair amount of leather.

Yes, there was a lot going on, and this short description barely scratches the surface. If you want to get the juicy details, you'll have to come back and read my blog for the next week or so.