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Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day Preparations (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

The first day of the Back to School Bash started out quietly enough. Cookie and I had spent the night at Katia's apartment, having enjoyed a cookout with her family to unwind before the big event. That morning, I headed out a bit early to pick up Dazey and bring her to the hotel, while Cookie and Katia planned on meeting me there with the larger items, like my spanking horse and the school desks. Once the four of us had arrived, we started setting things up for the party.

Cookie set up a table outside of the main party room with the registration packets, arranging them so that each person's packet could be found easily. She was particularly proud of the poster that she made, though she didn't realize until much later that the lettering was actually upside down compared to the border. I don't think that many people noticed this, though.

Inside the room, Cookie set up a table for the Lupus Foundation charities that she was running. It was decked out in various shade of purple, as well as bracelets, canes and raffle tickets that were part of the promotions. She made the box in the background by herself, decorating it with purple designs and butterfly images. If you also think that you recognize those two purple school desks with Katia's and Cookie's names on them, then you have a good eye. I posted images of those two chairs a few months ago when I first bought them and announced that I'd be refurbishing them. As you can see, the project is finished.

There was actually two Spankopoly gameboards on display, both of which were customs made by Todd and Suzy that belong to us. Katia's gameboard was set out on a separate table, just in case anyone was interested in playing it. Often, this table became a place for us to sit and socialize, though no one actually played the game all weekend.

The other gameboard is my own, which features me and Cookie in the images. It was set up next to the Lupus Foundation display, along with some of Cane-iac's implements. It was primarily just a means of showing off some of the products that we endorse and approve of.

My own personal project for the party room was the mock classroom that I put together in one corner, just in case anyone wanted to roleplay in their school uniforms. Again, I don't believe that anyone actually took advantage of this, but it was there for them if they wanted to. I actually took great pride in my classroom scene, and even considered using it as a setting for a spanking video before the weekend was over. I had other plans, though, so I never filmed here.

Amid the normal chairs that we had to use for the scene, I was able to squeeze in the two real school desks in my collection. I really wish that I had more of these, but I'd probably end up having trouble transporting them if I had many more. Next time when we do a party like this, I may ask the owners of the Phoenix Club if we can borrow the desk and chalkboard that they have in their dungeon. You can never go wrong with too many school desks.

Cookie's contribution to the classroom scene was this dunce cap, which she made from poster paper. I brought the stool from home, thinking that it would go perfectly with the dunce cap. I set both of them in the corner, waiting for someone to earn cornertime. Of all of the schoolroom scene, the cap and stool got the most use, as you'll see in a later post.

Dazey helped us out with much of our preparations, including a bit of improvised artwork for the door prize table. She sat down at my teacher's desk and drew up a sign for it, using the Tampa Tanners emblem as inspiration. You can see how seriously she was taking her job.

The end result was appealing, though, as was the various implements and toys that were donated for the door prizes. All of our vendors donated a few items, and Cane-iac, in particular, donated a lot of items. When it finally came time to hand out the door prizes, everyone left with something, and many people left with two.

There were a few other preparations, such as setting up a snack table, and putting the spanking horse in the opposite corner, but these are truly the highlights. Once all of this was finished, it wasn't long before things started getting underway, and the fun was only just beginning.

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