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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A little on Cane-iac raffle and The Back to School Bash

As you may already know Cane-iac sent us a beautiful lexan cane set to raffle at the back to School Bash. Due to the low attendance we have decided to extend the raffle online and to other events as well. You can see the canes at any of the upcoming Tampa tanners events meet and greets or other events that I bring them to up till the drawing which we have extended until the Spooky Spanktacular party in October. The canes are wonderful you can see them at this link. Tickets are $3.00 each if purchased through online and $1.00 a piece if purchased at a Tampa Tanners event or in person at any event I attend and bring them. You can contact me through Fetlife or to my personal email at c00kie_crawford@yahoo.com (The O's in Cookie are zeros) for more information on how to get your raffle ticket online. If the winner of the raffle is not present Tampa Tanners will mail the set to them. So you wont have to be present to win. You can also email info@tampatanners.com for more information as well. So hurry up and get your ticket today it is a great set and will make the lucky winner really happy. The raffle drawing will be video taped and shared on this blog. So keep your ticket number handy for that. We will also contact the winner as well.

I also still have a few of the Derlin canes. canes that are available for a $10 dollar or more donation to the Lupus Foundation. You can email me at the above emails as well for information on those and I will also have them at any of the Tampa Tanners events or events I attend and am allowed to bring them to until they are gone. I will also have the Lupus bracelets that are available for a $2.00 donation. or you can just donate any amount you would like to benefit the Lupus Foundation of America. I am a lupus fighter and I know a few others in the scene that are as well so it is going for a great cause. I'm also currently looking into having a benefit concert for the lupus foundation by a local band that comes into my work and mentioned that they want to have a benefit concert. They aren't kinky but it could be a fun night for a good cause I just won't bring the canes to that event LOL.

Speaking of cane-iac and the back to School Bash alot of our door prizes from the party were donated by them. I have a few stories and pictures to tell of that as well though I know i am not going in order for the Bash retelling but that's okay i have it all in memory so nothing will be forgotten.

As I mentioned there were some vanilla security working for the Spanking Court that we got to meet and talk with over the course of the Bash weekend. These really really awesome guys and when we get big enough to warrent security at our parties we will certainly be asking for these two. They were awesome and they even addmitted at dinner that when they first got the call they were not to sure about us or the event and it was strange to them but they accepted anyway. by the end of the weekend we had them laughing and joining us for dinner and door prizes. They also told us what a wonderful time they had and how down to earth and great everyone was. That made our night as well having a vanilla who knows nothing about our lifestyle or anything sit with us and not think we were all freaks and weird for what they were hearing and seeing that weekend was neat. one security guy even walked away with a spanking stick by L means leather. here's a few pictures from dinner and the door prize drawing where everyone got something and then some. I can only post the pics from the ones i got permission and some of course didnt even want their pictures taken but you can see it was a blast.

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