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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cornertime! (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

As already mentioned in my last post for the Back to School Bash, the schoolroom scene had a stool in the corner with a dunce cap. This became a popular photo opportunity for several of the brats, who were all too eager to have their picture taken wearing the dunce cap in the corner. Given how often I became a photo opportunity when I was dressed as the “mascot” at the previous parties, this doesn't surprise me.

Naturally, the Tampa Tanners management was among the first to strut for the camera, and Cookie was right there to don the dunce cap. She looks just like a naughty schoolgirl, too, with her hands on her head in the corner. Now, if only these girls were actually facing the corner, it would be perfect.
btsb corner 1.JPG
Katia couldn't have been far behind, much as she has been for other pictures for our parties. She should know that you're not allowed to have your phone in the corner, though. That will have to be confiscated, next time.
btsb corner 2.jpg
Now, the Cali Cutie (as seen on SpankingTube and the Spanking Court) has a better idea of where you should be when put in the corner. However, she's still turning around to see what mischief the other girls are getting into. Someone needs to teach these girls how to sit in the corner.
btsb corner 3.JPG
Now, Shy appears to be trying really hard to sit in the corner properly, but she seems to be having some trouble keeping the dunce cap on her head. She's probably going to drop it, which is only going to frustrate her teacher that much more.
btsb corner 4.JPG
Dazey, on the other hand, is absolutely displaying the wrong way to sit in the corner. With her flippant attitude, she's very likely going to go from cornertime to corporal punishment very quickly. If she's not careful, it may happen in front of the entire class.
btsb corner 5.JPG
Isabella shows us the picture of a repentant schoolgirl, though, with her body turned properly to the corner to contemplate her actions. If you take a closer look, however, you'll notice that she's sitting there on a bare bottom, suggesting that she might not have gone to the corner easily. It would seem that she had her backside warmed prior to being placed on the stool, and must now sit on the unforgiving wooden seat, squirming uncomfortably in full view of the entire class.
btsb corner 6.jpg
Yes, we had some naughty girls at the party. Amazingly enough, though, I don't believe that anyone actually took full advantage of the schoolroom scene for a roleplay or two. At least these pictures prove that the effort wasn't completely unappreciated, though.

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