What is Tampa Tanners?

We are a group of adults who pratice safe, consensual spanking, both in and out of a group setting in the Tampa area. We will hold get togethers, spanking parties, and host other outings with friendly spanko's who just love to have fun! So come and join us today!

Monday, February 28, 2011

First Meet and Greet (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

This past weekend was the first official meet and greet for the Tampa Tanners group. We had a decent turnout, with a total of twelve people, including ourselves, showing up. With it also being the first day of the Renaissance Faire, I think that we did quite well. I know that at least one group had arranged a trip to the faire, so we were already starting with a potential deficit. Some people, though, put meeting with fellow spankos above that.

There was a good bit of fun conversation, though I think that we should consider a different table plan next time so we can better mingle. We used a single long table arrangement, which made it difficult to speak to anyone except those within your immediate reach. I spent most of the event speaking to the same people, and couldn't really talk to the others who were out of normal speaking distance.

Still, everyone seemed to enjoy talking. I had a young lady named Shy, appropriately, who sat across from me. She wasn't very talkative at first, and was very quiet, but she gradually opened up. When she did, though, she was an absolute brat, finding many things to tease me about. She's young, though, and was perhaps a bit too boisterous for a newbie. In time, though, I'm confident that she will get a better idea of how much bratting is too much, and of what is considered acceptable behavior.

Three hours isn't very long, though, and it quickly became time for everyone to say goodbye. Several of us had been planning for weeks to have a private party after the meet and greet, since the official parties won't start until next month. There were six of us planning this, and we invited two others from the meet and greet to join us, one of which was actually invited in advance, I think. We probably would have liked to invite everyone, but most of the others already had other engagements, or we simply didn't know them well enough, yet. This was a private and intimate gathering, though, and not a Tampa Tanners event, so keeping it small and comfortable was our goal.

So, eight of us headed to our hotel to get our rooms. We had arranged for two adjoining rooms, with myself, Cookie and Katia in one and Todd, Suzy and Jean in the other. There was some issue, at first, with getting our rooms, but the problems were fixed and we headed upstairs. The two others to join us was Sissy and Shy. I've known Sissy for several years, so only Shy was truly new to us. It was otherwise just a gathering of spanko friends. We invited Shy because she seemed very friendly and curious, and because she was a complete newbie of just 18 years of age. I felt better with her experiencing a more informal spanking party before she comes to one of the bigger monthly ones. Todd and I were the only spankers, so I figured that it was a safe venue for her to get her first taste of a spanking party. I will be sure to watch out for her, though, when she comes to the official Tampa Tanners events. I'm not about to throw her to the wolves without some protection.

Though, as I said earlier, she had quickly become comfortable at the meet and greet, and bratted me openly. As one might expect, it didn't take long at all for her to find her way across my lap when we got up to the hotel room. It was something of a wrestling match to put her over my knee, but it was worth it. While she is a newbie, she does have a good idea of what interests her, and what she's curious about. She's apparently taken a liking to Tampa Tanners, and has promised to attend many of our future events.

After Shy's warmup, we started getting things set up for a game of Spankopoly. It was basically all of the bottoms playing against each other, with the Tops standing by to spank whoever earned one during the course of the game. Technically, though, Todd was on Suzy's team and I was on Cookie's, but that only really mattered when the rules called for someone to be spanked by the owner of a certain property. Otherwise, we were really just bystanders for the actual gameplay. At some point, all of the girls were spanked during the game, and some were spanked several times. We took some pictures, and I might post some later when I find out who is comfortable with being on our blogs, and when I either get the images from my camera or from the others who were taking pictures.

We finally had to stop the game when it was time for Shy to leave. I offered to drive her home, since she had come with my group, and I knew that neither Katia nor Cookie would be able to take her home without getting lost. I think she won the game, too, but I don't quite remember. As can be expected, she was a bit of a brat on the way to her place, so she was pulled over my knee in her own housing complex just before I dropped her off. I've been speaking with her on Fetlife since then, and she's already getting her little bottom in deep with the bratting. I think that we'll be seeing a lot of her.

When I returned to the party, it was time to give Sissy some spanking time that I'd promised her. Her request for the session was simple. She wanted to be sore and bruised. Bruising her proved to be a bit more difficult that I'd originally assumed it would be, but I guarantee that she was sore when I was finished. She also had to get home, though, so she left shortly after we finished our playtime.

There were a few spankings mixed in here and there, but the next major game was with the four remaining bottoms bent over the bed. Each girl took a single swat with every single implement that Todd and I had in our bags. We took turns going up and down the line until we had completely emptied out our toybags in the process. Even the aluminum paddle was brought out as the grand finale, but only three of them could take it. Since that left one stroke unaccounted for, I just gave it to Suzy. She was the one that asked for me to remember that paddle, anyway, so I'm sure that she appreciated it.

After that, Suzy was back up on the spanking block once more, having asked to get her birthday swats from me with my favorite implement. It didn't really matter to either of us that her birthday was actually something like five months ago, or that my favorite implement is my “Thomas” strap from Cane-iac. So, after a good number of hard swats from the heavy Thomas Strap (the exact number won't be shared here, due to the sensitive female psyche's reaction to revealed ages), she was pleasantly red.

By now, it was time for Cookie to leave for work, so she wouldn't be able to spend the night with us. It was getting late, anyway, so there really wasn't any more spankings that night. Katia and myself crawled into our own beds, leaving Todd, Suzy and Jean in their room.

The next morning, Katia and I got up early to tend to some punishment debt. She had quite a bit to answer for, and I wanted to get it out of the way so she would no longer have it hovering over her head. She was due for four hundred strokes of the cane, which she agreed to have on video. I took it slowly, since I wasn't sure how many she would be able to take before we would have to cut off the camera. She ended up taking half of the total, most of which were on video. The remainder was off-camera, as there had been some breakage of her skin, but she wanted to at least get to an even number.

Shortly afterward, Cookie returned from her night at work. She had actually waited a bit before coming, simply because she knew that Katia was going to be getting a punishment. When she arrived, though, she also had some issues to deal with. For weeks, maybe months, she has been very bad about taking her medications regularly. With thin walls and kids in the house, I haven't been able to truly discipline her on these issues (or have any other kind of spanking time, either). After going so long without being able to settle this issue, she asked for me to hold her accountable after the party. With our “wedding gift” paddle, I addressed the issue in full, leaving her with a bruised bottom that is still sore two days later.

Aside from the two hundred strokes that Katia was still due with the cane, she had also agreed to take a hundred strokes with the bathbrush in exchange for reducing a punishment that a friend was going to get. It was an odd arrangement, but her friend's Dominant agreed to it, only giving her friend fifty strokes, instead of the hundred that he originally intended. Once I had tended to her bottom some so I felt safe spanking her more, she took her hundred strokes to settle her debt for her friend.

After that, we met up with Todd, Suzy and Jean and went downstairs for breakfast in the hotel lobby. After hanging out for another couple more hours, it was finally time for everyone to gather up our things and check out. Cookie needed some sleep, and I have a few things that I had to do online at home. We were all very happy with our first meet and greet, though, and look forward to others in the future.

The first Tampa Tanners Meet and Greet

Saturday was Tampa Tanners very first Meet and Greet. Katia and I were really nervous that morning and excited at the same time. We wanted to get to Perkins a little earlier but we ended up running late. We made it right at 2 though and had a few people already there waiting. Todd and Suzy from American Spanking Society where there and held the fort down for us before we got there. All together though I believe we had about 20 people show up for the Meet and Greet. I knew only a few of those though and meet some really great people. There was a very friendly atmosphere and everyone enjoyed lunch and chatting. One person had mentioned that there was alot going on in Tampa lifestyle wise that day and that they were glad that they choose our meeting. That made Katia and I very happy to hear. We were really happy with the outcome of our first meeting and really look forward to watching this group grow and getting to know more and more people as we go along. We only ran into one problem this time around though. When I went to reserve the room again for next months Meet and Greet the room was already booked. But I got it booked for April. I think I might go into Perkins this week and see if I can book the room for the every month this year if I can.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Official Tampa Tanners website

Tampa Tanners has now gotten it's website up and running. You can visit it at http://tampatanners.com/. If anyone is interested in a link exchange please email info@tampatanners.com .

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First meet and greet fast approaching

The Tampa Tanners very first meet and greet will be this coming Saturday. All of us are very excited about it and ready to meet some local spankos. Our friends Todd and Suzy are coming as well and we will be getting together after the meet and greet. Unfortunately my work has informed me that I am not able to get that Saturday off like I requested weeks ago. Saturdays will be difficult to get off but I am hoping that I will be able to get some off here and there. I guess we will see.

Katia and I have worked on a website for the Tampa Tanners as well. We are hoping to get that live by tomorrow or Thursday at least. Once we get that done Ill start contacting other groups for link exchanges.And will let you know when it is active. right now we are still creating it and have our domains. It has been alot of work but I think we are almost finished with the designing and can get to the publishing soon.

So just as a reminder and for anyone that doesn't already know here's the info again for the very first Meet and Greet

When: Saturday, February 26, 2011
Time: 2:00PM-5:00PM
Where: Perkins Family Restaurant
             5002 Fowler Ave, Tampa Fl

We hope to see you there!!!!

you can contact any Tampa Tanners leader for more information any time.
Katia Spade katia@tampatanners.com
Cookie Crawford cookie@tampatanners.com
Thomas Elders thomas@tampatanners.com
and info@tampatanners.com

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"In The Works"

Our big party in August is still in the works and things are running along. We are hitting a few minor blocks but Katia and I are able to jump pretty far and so far those blocks aren't that high LOL. We will keep everyone informed as we go along. we have some time and have gotten some great support from some local and not so local spanking groups and producers and implement makers and things.

We might have a mini event within our event as well with a well known spanking producer. More information will follow as we know more. But we have lots and lots things in the works for the party. It should be an awesome first for Tampa Tanners! It won't be our first party, that is in March, but it will be our first big party.

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Spanking Shamrocks"

Spanking Shamrocks”

Cost : $25 per person or $40 per couple
Where: Tampa Florida
When: March 27th 2011
Time: 4 PM- 10 PM

Come join us for 6 hours of Spanking fun! Wear your favorite St. Patrick's attire and or dress in green.
A special contest will be available as well as lots of spanking fun and food!
Special gifts are always given at Tampa Tanners parties.
Register now as space is limited!
To register contact:
Cookie Crawford at cookie@tampatanners.com or
Katia Spade at Katia@tampatanners.com
or you can email info@tampatanners.com as well.  

Please also join our yahoo group today as well. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Tampatanners/

T "N" T's "Back to School" Bash

Tampa Tanners “Back to School Bash” August 26th – August 28th

When: August 26th 9AM – August 28th 10 PM
Where: Tampa Florida
Party fees: $60 per single female $120 per couple $90 per single male

Registration for the party has begun.  This event will take place in Beautiful Tampa Florida at a hotel conveniently located near Bush gardens.  Come join us to mingle with other spankos as well as some of your favorite spanking models and producers. Dinner on Friday and Saturday is included in the party fees. A free hot breakfast is also included in the discounted hotel rates. On Saturday afternoon we will have a vendor fair where you can do a little shopping for your favorite spanking needs and more. Some wonderful door prizes have been donated from some wonderful sponsors and two chances to win are included in the party fees with a raffle available to purchase more chances. We have secured two party rooms for the three days and one of those rooms will be school themed. Suite parties will be held on Friday and Saturday nights as well. A few wonderful school themed gifts are also included for our guests during the ice breaker games. For privacy and safety reasons, the hotel name and information regarding booking your room will be sent to you via your contact information when your registration is received. Party admission is for adults 18 and over only, I.D. will be checked at the door. Register now, then come join us for a whole weekend of friendly spanking fun in Tampa Florida!

 Contact information:
You can contact any of us
Cookie Crawford: cookie@tampatanners.com the O's in Cookie are zeros!
Katia Spade : katia@tampatanners.com
Thomas Elders III : thomas@tampatanners.com
To contact all of us contact info@tampatanners.com

 Tampa Tanners groups and websites

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Save the Date

Make sure that you save the dates August 26th-28th. The Tampa Tanners or (T "N" T)  for short will be holding their first annual three day, two night party! The theme will be "Back to School". The cost of the party is to be announced real soon. But every party ticket will include dinner on Friday and Saturday, discounted hotel rates at a nice hotel that supplies a free hot breakfast as well as many amenities such as a jacuzzi, pool, fitness center and more.  You will be given two chances for the door prizes with an opportunity to buy more door prize tickets, A school themed party room will be included as well as admittance to the vendor fair, model meets and various other events and Suite parties. The hotel and party will be conveniently located in Tampa Florida with access to Busch Gardens amusement park.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tampa Tanners First Meet and greet


Saturday, February 26, 2011
time:02:00 PM to 05:00 PM
where:Perkins family Restuarant
address:5002 Fowler Ave, Tampa Fl  map
cost:Only cost is the food you order and/or servers tip for their time
dress code:casual


Tampa Tanners invites all spankos to attend our very first meet and greet. The meet and greets are a great way to get to know other local spanking enthusiasts in the area in a friendly non-threatening setting, and to meet the Tampa Tanners leaders. We will also discuss options and suggestions for future events and parties. Please remember that it is held at a local family restaurant where kids and vanilla families will also be present, so please dress accordingly. We will be meeting in the back room, so tell the hostess when you arrive that you are with the Tampa Tanners group (They do not know that we are a spanking group). There is no charge to attend the meet and greet, however, we ask that you tip the server generously for their time.
We look forward to seeing you there.