What is Tampa Tanners?

We are a group of adults who pratice safe, consensual spanking, both in and out of a group setting in the Tampa area. We will hold get togethers, spanking parties, and host other outings with friendly spanko's who just love to have fun! So come and join us today!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

And, the Spankings (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits) As promised, as I've already shared the props and costumes that made the Tampa Tanners Titanic spanking party a hit, here's a post dedicated entirely to the spankings that were given out. There were certainly enough bottoms to go around to keep most of us busy, though we were a few people short than we had originally thought were coming. We didn't let it keep us down, though, and made the most of it. As I had alluded to in my previous posts, we had a lot of fun using the props and costumes in our spanking play, and taking a few good pictures to document it. Near the start of the party, several girls went across my lap as I was lying on the watery scenery. Katia was one of those girls, as you can see from this image. Todd also used the ocean floor as a backdrop for a picture that he took while spanking Cookie. I almost didn't notice the water, though, as Cookie's bottom just looks so inviting in this picture. That lifesaver, even if it's nothing more than a pool inner tube with “Titanic” written on it in permanent marker, was still used in many scenes. Jeremy used it as a target to keep his spanking aim true and focused directly on Cookie's backside. This would probably be a good defense for a bottom to have for those spankers who use implements tend to wrap around the hips too much. Jeremy found a different use for the lifesaver when it was Isabella's turn across his lap. Apparently, those legs of hers simply couldn't stay down and out of the way. Obviously, he doesn't want her to hurt herself by flailing her legs around, so this seems like a humanitarian effort on his part to save her that pain. The prop that was used the most, though, was the boat oar that Todd specially decorated for the occasion. I think that all of the girls felt this implement at some point during the night, and Suzy's bottom was almost as red as those panties when he was finished with her. Just to prove that I'm not kidding about the color of her bottom, here's another picture of Suzy which displays those colors in ample fashion. Apparently, Jeremy had used the oar on her, as well, and was then giving her a soothing hand spanking to cool her down. What a guy. I had my own boat oar out, as well, though it's nowhere near as large as the one that Todd brought. However, the smaller size made it much more efficient for spanking someone that's over my lap, as it does here on Isabella's bottom. As you can see, I didn't need a lifesaver to keep her legs in place. Apparently, Isabella has a problem with keeping those legs down, though. While not exactly a prop, Katia's hosiery seemed to catch a lot of attention. I guess that a lot of spankos have a fetish for pantyhose. Jeremy certainly had a smile on his face when given the chance to spank her in them. It was a sentiment that was shared by Todd. Personally, I don't understand the appeal. They didn't stay on the whole night, though, as I ripped out the ass of them while I was spanking her, since she was adamant that she didn't want them pulled down to enable me to spank her on the bare. She really should have been more specific with her request. Cookie, though, had no qualms with having her undergarments removed for a bare bottom spanking, and I was more than happy to accommodate her. With as little play as we get at home (recent punishment notwithstanding), I'm always happy for the opportunity to warm her properly. At some point during the night, we lined up the four spankees and bent them over the bed for a group spanking. This is really one of our traditions, as I think we do this, or something like it, at just about every party that we have. I guess that it's a good thing that we didn't have everyone that we expected, or we'd have needed a bigger bed. I guess that we'd have just put the two couches together and spanked them across the backs, though. So, that just about catches me up with all of my party reporting. It won't be long before I have a fresh batch to share, though, as the next month is going to be a busy one. This coming weekend, we will be having our April meet and greet, although I probably won't be in attendance, as I'll likely be watching the kids and tutoring Katia's daughter while she and Cookie take care of it for me. Then, two weeks later, we once again return to Pinellas for the Tampa Tanners Takeover at the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club. While it's not my preferred scene, I may attend, anyway, just to support the club, and Cookie and Katia. This is only if there is someone at home to watch the boy, though. Then, the very week after that, there's the May meet and greet and party. While I might not be at the meet and greet, you can bet that I'll be at the party, which is going to have a pirate theme. I'm already prepared to put on my best pirate outfit and have the girls shivering at my timbers. Paddles are made of timber, right?

Friday, April 20, 2012

At Tampa Tanners we love to have goodies for our guests. We usually have a goodies bag for our guest that include common items that could be spanking related and try to keep them with the theme. Another thing we like to do is have prizes and spanking games. Cane-iac is great for helping us with this and have sent us many a prizes for our parties. for the Titanic party we had decided to have a table with the prizes and let our guests choose their gifts when they won. we had two contests. A costume contest and a trivia contest. And since we had so many nice gifts we decided to have a raffle as well. Here's a picture of the prizes everyone got to choose from.

I'm going to write a separate post about the trivia but the first to pick a prize was one of our guests that wishes to remain unnamed and without pictures which we totally respect. He choose the large lexan paddle and had alot of fun testing it out with everyone at the party.

The next contest was our costume contest. In which Todd and Suzy won. Everyone said that Thomas and our costumes were the best but being hosts we are not eligible to win our own prizes and contests. I think Todd and Suzy did very well with there costumes as well. especially with the paddle that they even placed a Tampa Tanners and Titanic sticker on. as you can see in this picture.

And here's a good picture of Todd and Suzy so you can see their costumes as well.

Now they picked the The zebra striped Jr paddle. And like usually happens they started to try it out at the party everyone getting a turn to try it. Suzy really seemed to like it and so did I it is a nice little paddle which I don't usually like little paddles but i did like this one. Here is a few pictures of that being used.




After those two prizes were given and towards the end of the party since we had still a great assortment of prizes we decided to have a raffle drawing for another prize. Isabella won this one and since she was being spanked at the time so told Todd to pick one and surprise her. Todd of course picked the tracker paddle that we all love to hate. I do believe that once she won it since she was being spanked the spanker was given her new prize to try out on her. It was quite fun.

Cane-iac is my favorite implement store. in fact the majority of my implement bag is cane-iac products. We certainly love Cane-iac because they are great people and their prices cant be beat. very reasonable and affordable. Their customer service is likewise unbeatable. And they are always coming out with new and exciting products. You really should check them out. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed at all.

The trivia contest we had was quite fun. There were fifteen questions. The winner got 13 out of those 15 correct. I'm not going to go through all the questions but there were a few that got some interesting answers. One of the questions was how long was the Titanic? The answer was 882 something. But there were quite a few funny answers and this one was no different. Jeremy decided to answer with "long enough to make her say awe" Another funny answer to a question was in response to the captain's name. We got captain crunch and another funny one though I cant recall it now. LOL. I had to give Suzy credit though for her answer to how many life boats were there as she answered not enough which was true LOL. So you tell we had a lot of fun with that. Some tried and some just drew a stick figure boat resembling the titanic leaving most of the answers blank.

After the trivia and the costume contest I believed we served dinner which consisted of a little from every class of the Titanic. The third class biscuits were very very nasty. But the chicken lyonnaise and the creamed carrots and carrots were very good. we also had eclairs for dessert and they were awesome as well. here's a pictures of Thomas eating his eclair as he spanks Isabella.


After dinner it was pretty much lots of fun as we all played with Ice boat Oars life rings and lots of fun stuff. I'm just going to share quite a few pics as they show all the fun we had the best.

LIFE RING FUN= the life ring got alot of play during the party. i had once grabbed to protect my bottom from Jeremy but found out quickly that they don't help much. LOL. I then ended up wearing it around my neck hoping someone might come and save me but no one did. Jeremy even used it to try to keep Isabella from kicking. here's a few pictures of those times.



TTT7-300x188 jeremy and cookie.jpg

ICE PLAY= Being that the Titanic hit an iceberg it only makes sense that there was ice play going on. Katia was the first to surprise a spankee during a spanking and add ice to the mix for the spanker. I believe it was Suzy that was being spanked at the time. And all night long she helped by giving all the spankers ice while they spanked. At one point Thomas was using the paddle to shoot ice off my backside. i had tried to get away from Jeremy in which we ended up on the floor and Katia once again brought him ice. here's a few pictures of those though not sure how noticeable the ice is except in Katias case where Thomas stuffed them under her nylons.







There was no shortage of boat oars at the party and they got lots of use during the party. We even lined up some of the bottoms on the bed and the Tops took turns going down the line with the Oars it was alot of fun. Here's some of the pictures of the Oars being used.

















The rest of the photos were just moments from the party we all had a blast and now I am really eager for the next party.











Thomas and cookie and background.jpg

And this last picture is by far my favorite. I love the angle and the way the water background on the floor makes it look like we are in water as he spanks me. Todd took this while he was spanking me. Spankers angles are always good pics usually.