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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Spanking Monster (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

As everyone could see from from my previous post about the Tampa Tanners Spooky Spanktacular, I once again filled the role of party mascot, choosing a very scary outfit to play a spanking monster.

It actually wasn't a single costume, but bits and pieces of several costume items that I pulled together to make the outfit. The basic item was a purple and black hooded cloak, which has been in my possession for years. To this, I added a silver belt in the shape of a bat, a gargoyle necklace, and a black pouch that I tied to the belt, all of which has likewise been in my personal collection for years. Not too long ago, I also picked up a purple and black cape that fits the outfit, so it was added on when I wore it last year for Halloween. This year, I added two more items to the outfit, making it that much more intriguing. The purple pants were from my hippie outfit from the Texas party a few years ago. The gold skeleton mask was worn by Cookie's oldest son last year, and I simply claimed it. The final piece, which I truly think added the perfect touch, is the purple devil's tongue leather paddle that Cookie bought from Leatherthorn at the Back to School Bash. While the various purples in the costume didn't exactly match, this really didn't matter with so many shades of purple in my total outfit.

I even had the chance to scare someone in my fancy monster garb. While Cookie and Katia were upstairs getting ready for the party, I changed into my costume down in the ballroom. I hadn't told them what I was going to be wearing, so it was going to be a complete surprise. They had left me downstairs to finish the decorations, so they didn't even know that I was getting changed. After I was in costume, I leaned against a wall rigidly, like a prop that had been set in place. After the two of them came back down, I waited until they were fully in the room, and then I took the chance to sneak up behind them. Katia said that she almost peed herself.

Of course, all good monsters have a lair, and the spanking monster was no different. The spanking monster had a dark and isolated spot where he could carry off his victims to before assaulting them. The referee, Ria, found herself trapped in his den and helpless against his desires. This was actually just a canopy that I covered in black plastic and spooky fabric, but it served my purposes. The cauldron, naturally, was a necessary element.

Spanking monsters must do what spanking monsters do, though, and that's spank. Many a girl found herself in the monster's clutches that day, including young Shy, who felt the devil's tongue across her ample bottom. He didn't need to read her panties to know that she's guilty, though.

Jean suffered a similar fate, learning that monsters are not to be trifled with. The devil's tongue gave her a proper licking.

The party organizers were not immune to the monster's unholy appetite. His undead minions laugh and heckle in the background as cookie receives the same treatment as his other victims.

Katia also felt the monster's attention, though he apparently went easy on her, as photographic documentation of the incident shows her only being spanked with the monster's hand.

Considering how difficult it is to collect clear photographic evidence of monsters (Bigfoot and Nessie have mastered the fine art of appearing fuzzy in pictures), there is no way to truly calculate how many young girls this creature may have molested that weekend. Sightings have been reported around the globe, though these have yet to be verified.

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