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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ten Amorette (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

One of my personal highlights from the Tampa Tanners Back to School Bash was meeting Ten Amorette, a familiar spanking starlet with an impressive list of credits to her career of just a few years. In the spanking realm, alone, she has filmed with Punished Brats, Clare Fonda, the Spanking Court and others. She's definitely one of the hot names in the current spanking scene. She also a real treat to play and socialize with, unlike some other spanking models that I've met.

I really didn't see much of Ten on Friday, but her shoot with the Spanking Court was Saturday morning. After that, she spent much of her time in the main party room, usually being a brat to one of the willing spankers. Red Palmer, in fact, had this young lady across his knee several times, probably because he's almost as willing of a spanker as I am, and perhaps more. Between the two of us, there's seldom a moment without spanking heard at a party. It seems, though, that Ten is less than impressed with his spanking style, if this picture is any indication.

Once she was over his lap, though, Red got a very different reaction from the redhead brat. He also got a good bit of color into her cheeks, which soon almost matched the hair on her head. You can definitely see, though, why this young lady is so popular in videos.

Ten's bubble bottom and pouty expressions are what make this girl such a hit to watch or play with. Even when she's across a lap, she finds plenty of opportunities to brat the person that's spanking her, and proves that she can take one heavy spanking when she really gets going. As soon as you left her up off of your lap, too, she's probably already bratting you and making you wish that you'd never let her up to begin with.

Naturally, there was no way that I'd let Red have all of the fun, and Ten found herself over my knee, as well. I'm not sure why I was spanking her in this picture, but it probably had something to do with her calling me a butthead, or something along those lines. That actually appears to be her favorite word, as she used it on literally dozens of occasions over the weekend, usually directed at me. I can't say that I enjoyed the sentiment, but I certainly appreciated the attention.

I had several more opportunities to put this young lady across my knee, including some for the camera. We had originally planned on having a shoot while she was at the party, but a change in circumstances made it look like that idea was going to be put on hold. After some discussion between us, though, we came to an alternate arrangement between us, thereby saving this rare chance to film with her. After dinner on Saturday night, The two of us, along with Shy, drove over to Katia's apartment to film.

The first shoot was an experimental idea of mine that mixed elements of spanking with a damsel in distress scenario. Since Ten actually enjoys being tied up (a trait that she shares with Cookie and Katia), I was able to practice some simple ropework with her as part of the scene. It came out wonderfully, though Ten enjoyed the ropes just a little too much, and was somewhat out of it after I untied her. Once she had a chance to come out of it, she was back in a playful mood, and slid like a cat across my knees for some spanking play. The cameras were still rolling for this candid moment between us, though we were slightly offscreen for most of it. You can hear when she bites me, though, as well as her constant use of the word “butthead” and blowing raspberries at me. For the most part, we were just enjoying ourselves and hamming it up for the camera.

Afterwords, we shot one more short scene, and then headed back to the hotel for the night. We went to hang out with a few of the other attendees at the bar for a while, but that's really not what I'm into, so I called it a night before everyone else and headed upstairs to bed. I didn't get a chance to see her on Sunday as we were cleaning up, but I was able to stop by the hotel on Monday morning for a quick goodbye before she headed to the airport. Hopefully, she'll be back down to Tampa soon enough, though I can expect to see her in August of next year for Fetishcon, if nothing else.

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