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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bash Vendor Faire (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

The main event on Saturday at the Tampa Tanners Back to School Bash was the vendor faire. It was actually a small event, though, as there were only three official vendors there, plus a few tables set aside to display Spankopoly, the donated items for the door prizes, and the Lupus charity booth. Our primary fears, though, were with the numbers of attendees, not vendors. We were somewhat fearful that the low turnout would make the event unprofitable for the vendors that spent their time and money to attend. Thankfully, this ended up not being the case, as all of the vendors seemed to leave the party quite satisfied with the results.

I would say that the main vendor was the Cali Cutie and crew from the Spanking Court, Spanking Ms. Cali and Paddles and Panties, who brought an impressive display for their sites and wares. The largest items were a pair of backdrops, one of which displayed the products from the three major sites that they represent.

The other large backdrop, which they placed behind the table where they displayed their videos for sale, was a picture of Cali against a door, with “Spankcon” written at the bottom at her knees. Spankcon, from what I've been able to gather, is an event that their agent is working on that somehow combines the elements that spankos look for with the idea of a fetish convention like Fetishcon. I'm still waiting to hear more about the mechanics of this event, as well as the finalized dates that it will be held. My primary curiosity is if Spankcon will be more like a spanking party, or more like a convention, and how it will bridge the two types of events and combine them into one. Given that this event is intended to be held in Tampa, I also hope that I'll be able to assist with its operation in any way that I can.

There was also a rack of, appropriately, panties and paddles, which were displayed prominently. I actually had wanted to look them over and pick something out, as I had a gift certificate that was burning a hole in my pocket. However, I never got the chance. Actually, I had lots of chances, but I was just too lazy, and too busy spanking consenting adult women. It's a hard life, I know.

Another of our vendors was L Means Leather who came prepared with a wide assortment of paddles, straps and floggers. Naturally, with that much leather, a lot of the girls were paying a fair amount of attention to this table. Even Judge Spanks made a purchase, picking up a fire cupping set for his personal collection.

L Means Leather actually was close to the largest setup of all of the vendors, if not the most extravagant. His merchandise, at least what he was able to display reasonably, took up two tables. At the back of his second table, where the canes and crops were sitting, you can see a stack of large wooden paddles. I later picked up one of these paddles for my own, as you can never have a paddle that's too big.

Here I am, proudly holding the implement that I purchsed. It's actually partly obscured by my big head (likely due to an inflated ego that the girls give me), so it's larger than it looks in this picture. The funny thing is that, despite its size, the girls actually don't think that it hurts that much. Maybe I'm just compensating for something?

Another of our vendors was Leatherthorn, who brought a wide assortment of handcrafted leather paddles. From what I could see, he was surely the most successful vendor present, as everyone picked up at least one of his fine implements, and some picked up several. Along with L Means Leather, Leatherthorn is the other reason that Judge Spanks went home with a lot more implements, and a lot less money. I can understand, as I picked up one of my own, and it's a quality piece of work.

Both Dana Kane (Spanking Court Bailiff, Dana Kane – Disciplinarian) and the Villain (Spanking Court Disciplinarian, The Villain Strikes) picked up some of Leatherthorn's wares to take home to California. As you can see, his paddles are very intricate and detailed. They also can pack a wallop, too, depending on how you use them.

So, a lot of spankos went home with a lot of new implements that weekend, as well as a few videos and pairs of panties... and one fire cupping set.

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