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Friday, September 2, 2011

Judge Feenix Spanks (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

During the weekend of the Tampa Tanners Back to School Bash, many young ladies went before the Spanking Court to have their cases heard by the honorable Judge Feenix Spanks. When he wasn't finding the girls guilty, though, he made time to enjoy other elements of the party, joining us for the fun.

Truly, he was pretty busy for most of the weekend with court business, but he did find time between cases and at the end of the day to socialize with the rest of the partygoers. On Friday night, after Dazey's and Cookie's cases were finished, and a brief period to unwind with the other court officials, Judge Spanks came up to our hotel room to talk and play for a bit. He demonstrated his spanking style on Cookie, and it turns out that he has a very sensual and rhythmic spanking style, which contrasts the usual “funishment” spanking style that typically gets the most time at parties. Given the judge's background, though, it's not surprising, as he leans more towards BDSM, I believe, than spanking.

That being said, it turns out that one of the judge's passions is ropework. Given that several of the Tampa Tanners girls are, for lack of a better term, rope sluts, this worked out well. You typically don't see much shibari bondage at a spanking party, but there wasn't anyone complaining about it, so we allowed it. Dazey was the first to get bound by the good judge at the party, though I believe that Ten had suggested that she wanted to. I don't believe that she had the opportunity, though.

On Saturday, the judge had some free time between court cases, and was able to do some ropework on Katia, which was was quite happy with. He started with a chest harness that included her upper arms, tying off her hands in the back, as well. He then started working on her feet, tying them together, also.
btsb judge spanks 1.JPG
Here's a better look at how she was tied in the back. Note how flat the tie is. Mine tend to look like great jumbles of rope, as if it had been left in a knotted pile and I had just wrapped it around her. I'd like my rolework to look this neat.
btsb judge spanks 2.JPG
The tie on her ankles was a simple, but quite beautiful, wrap. It didn't have to be too fancy, though, as the main purpose was to act as a place to base the next part of the tie off of.
btsb judge spanks 3.JPG
Once these parts were tied off, I helped him get her off of the chair and onto the floor on her belly, where he completed the binds by pulling her legs up into a hogtie. I had hoped that we were going to leave her like this for the entire weekend, but she didn't seem to care for that idea. He should have added a gag when he tied her up, at least.
btsb judge spanks 4.JPG
Unfortunately, the judge had to leave the party late on Saturday afternoon in order to get back to California in time for an evening gig on the west coast. Hopefully, we'll see him again, though, as there has been some talk of the Spanking Court returning to Florida when the Tampa Tanners has its anniversary party in February of 2013.

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