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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Isabella's Birthday (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

Sometimes, even at a spanking party, you have someone who is so quiet that you hardly notice that they're there. They are shy and unobtrusive, sticking to the sidelines while everyone else is having fun. Isabella is one such spankee, spending most of a party just sitting and watching while everyone else gets spanked. To get her to take part, you usually have to drag her out of the corner (which isn't as much fun as dragging someone TO the corner) and across your knee.

This is how Isabella spent much of the Tampa Tanners Back to School Bash. When she did play, it's because someone singled her out and included her, not because she went looking for it. So, as quiet as she was being, it came as something of a surprise to us when someone called and reminded us that it was actually her birthday that Saturday. She may have told me about it a month or more before the party, but I had forgotten, and she certainly wasn't giving anyone any hints.

Now, armed with this information, it was time to single her out for a moment in the spotlight. It's well known, at least to spankos, that birthdays only come around as an excuse for birthday spankings. If your birthday falls during a party, then, you're going to get spanked for it. For that matter, if your birthday even falls near a party (for this, “near” is defined as up to six months before or after said party), then you're going to be spanked. We were not about to let Isabella slip by without following the tradition, so she was guided up to the center of the room during the vendor faire. For her own shyness (as well as to keep her face out of pictures), I pulled her skirt up over her head completely. The best part was that she couldn't even see who was spanking her, or when each swat was coming.

Naturally, as I do take some responsibility for the girl, though she currently lives too far away to be considered one of my bottoms, I took the first whacks at her backside. Wielding a huge wooden paddle that I'd only just purchased a few minutes before, we counted out one stroke for each year of her life, and then moved on to the next person. From this picture, it looks like I was getting some speed on it, too.

Now, I don't remember exactly what order the spankers went in, so I'm not even going to pretend that this list follows the correct chronological order. However, these are the people that spanked her, so that's good enough. It's probably not too far from the real order, either, so it's fine. Being one of the Tampa Tanners officials, Cookie probably went soon after me, though I can't be sure if it was right afterward or not. She borrowed my new paddle, as did most of the other partygoers who joined in with the birthday celebration.

Sticking to the Tampa Tanners theme, Katia would probably have spanked her around that time, as well. It looks like she was winding up with that big paddle, too.

Shy wouldn't have been too far behind. If it looks like Shy was only barely tapping the paddle on Isabella's bottom, that's because it's precisely what she was doing. The baby Tanner needs to learn how to spank before we let her hold a paddle, again.

Red Palmer, on the other hand, knew how to hold a paddle, and was even dressed for the job.

Finally, Dazey had to jump in with both hands, completely ignoring the fine paddle that had been working so well. I guess that she just wanted to be different, or simply doesn't care for tradition.

Next year, we'll have an easy reminder of when Isabella's birthday is. With luck, she might be able to move back down here before then, and we can guarantee that she gets the birthday spanking that she deserves.

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