What is Tampa Tanners?

We are a group of adults who pratice safe, consensual spanking, both in and out of a group setting in the Tampa area. We will hold get togethers, spanking parties, and host other outings with friendly spanko's who just love to have fun! So come and join us today!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tampa Tanners "Spanking Shamrocks" party

Tampa Tanners first spanking party "Spanking Shamrocks" March 27th 2011

Here are a few pictures from Katia and I when we were getting ready for the Shamrocks party. The first party was a great success and we had a blast. We will soon being sharing the stories and pics from that as well. we didn't want to spoil the surprise about the butt pops before the party so we didn't share then but now the party is over and I am sitting sore LOL. it is a great reminder though of all the fun we had at the party.
This first pic is the butt pops as we were getting ready to put them in the refrig to set.

This is the the first part of Katia making the tiny shamrocks to go on top of the cupcakes.

These are the finished cupcakes! yummy

We had green candy left over and decided to make a big shamrock for the winner of the shamrock contest. here is that big candy before we put it to set.

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