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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Lucky Leprechaun (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

As I've already mentioned in a recent post, I was the Lucky Leprechaun at the first Tampa Tanners spanking party. It was a position that I was honored to fill, as the responsibilities were impressive, and included more than simply wearing a green hat.

Leprechauns are good luck. While not every one that you find will just hand over his pot of gold, there are other ways to be blessed with his luck. Apparently, when that leprechaun is a spanko, then being spanked by him is sure to garner a smile from Fate, herself. In their desire to obtain the blessing of good luck, all of the party's bottoms went over the Lucky Leprechaun's lap for him to add some red to their green.

There was Cookie...

And Katia...

And Suzy...

And, even though she arrived a little late, even Shy took a turn over the Leprechaun's knee.

Perhaps this is a tradition that I should encourage at future parties, and not just the St. Patrick's Day themes. I will likely be a mascot, or master of ceremonies, at most of the Tampa Tanners parties. If I start a tradition that spankees go over my lap for good luck, perhaps it will stick. It might be a bit time-consuming as the parties grow, but it would certainly be worth the extra effort. I would even dress in costume for each party to encourage the activity. Perhaps girls will line up at the next party to be spanked by the “April Fool.”

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