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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting the Party Started (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

As I look back at our first Tampa Tanners spanking party, I'm trying to recollect everything that I'd like to share about the experience. For such a short party, though, I'm finding that it's going to take me several days to share everything. I guess that just goes with the territory when you start running your own parties. You want to share every little detail.

After Cookie paid for the room early that morning, we spent most of the beginning of Sunday tending to personal matters or catching up on needed sleep. Having worked for two nights in a row, with little chance to rest during the day, Cookie was very tired. I also have a few things that I had to attend to. We ended up heading for the hotel around noon to begin setting up the party suite.

We had a lot of things to set up. Cookie and Katia had bought a mountain of decorations that we had to place around the room. There was also the food that they'd bought for the event, as well as the candy that they had spent the better part of Friday making. For my own part in this, I had my spanking horse set up in the far side of the suite, and a pot of gold that I placed along the wall. I was also responsible for most of the higher decorations that the others couldn't reach. When it was all finished, though, it looked really great.

Of course, none of us forgot to wear our green. Both Cookie and Katia were sporting green underwear for the event. I, however, in my usual fashion, went entirely over the top with my outfit. I wore green pants, a green fuzzy leprechaun's hat, a green vest, and a green t-shirt with “Bottom's Up Irish Pub” on the front. I even put on fake boots to complete the look. For the rest of the party, I was the Lucky Leprechaun.

It was a little tense as we waited to see who was showing up, as we weren't completely certain if everyone that we'd talked to was actually going to come. I also had some fears about an inequality between the genders and orientations. With such a small party, it can quickly become uneven and leave some people without adequate play. In the end, though, Shy made it over at the last minute, bringing the total of spankee females to four,and we had five male spankers present. Only one person, a male spanker, didn't show up, which we believe to be because of traffic problems that he experienced en route from Orlando.

I had been somewhat worried about another couple that had expressed an interest, but ended up not attending. The couple consists of a female switch (mostly Top, I believe) and a male spankee. As those in attendance leaned heavily towards male spankers and female spankees, I was worried that this couple would be disappointed in the party if they attended. The female might be able to find adequate play if she's open to spanking females, but the male spankee would have probably been bored. There is a female Top that has expressed an interest in attending our next party, and I'm already concerned with her preferences. If she only spanks males, then she might not find our party to her liking. Hopefully, we'll be able to have more mixed attendance as the parties grow.

With nine attendees present and ready to get started, it was time to get the show on the road. There had already been sufficient warmups for the bottoms, so we moved on to the icebreaker game. As the master of ceremonies, I had set up a quick game that would work out fine for the small number of players that we had to work with. I called the game “Luck o' the Irish,” but I'll probably give it another name when we play it again in the future. I'll probably just give it a different seasonal name at every party, just to keep people guessing. Maybe I'll call it “Easter Eggs” next month.

I had a table set out already with everything that I'd need for the game. The necessary items included two decks of normal playing cards, and an assortment of implements from my toybag. The cards were separated out into smaller stacks, depending on their purpose. Likewise, the implements were lined up from one side of the table to the other. As a final bit of preparation for the game, a single playing card was placed in front of each implement, and each spanker and spankee were given a card, as well.

Each round started with the Leprechaun (that's me) pulling a card from a short stack. There were four queens in this stack, corresponding to each of the four spankees that we were playing with. When the spankee with the matching card came forward, she would then pick from the other four stacks that I had laid out. The first stack was to pick which spanker would do the honors, and contained the four kings (corresponding to the four other spankers, as I wasn't including myself). The card drawn from the second stack would decide what implement she would be spanked with from the line of implements, with the last card on the table representing the bare hand. The spankee would then pick two cards from the third stack (which contained number cards four through eight) and add them together to get the total number of strokes that they'd receive. The final stack contained only the aces, twos and threes, with threes meaning that they'd be spanked over clothes, twos meaning that they'd be spanked over panties, and aces would mean bare bottom.

To make things a little more interesting, though, I added the four jokers into the four stacks that the spankee would have to pick from. If they pulled a joker from one of the piles, that would mean that it would be Leprechaun's Choice for that stack. In other words, the Leprechaun (me) would pick the result, even if it wasn't a result that was normally possible from that deck. For instance, when someone pulled a joker from the stack that determines number of strokes, I decided that it would be worth twenty strokes, which were then added to the other card that she pulled.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the game, but it was soon time to move on to another game that Cookie and Katia had been planning, and will be explained in the next post on Thursday.

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