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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Those Pirate Girls (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

As I mentioned in Tuesday's post, I noticed a strange phenomenon at the Tampa Tanners pirate spanking party. As weird as it sounds, our friendly neighborhood bottoms showed a curiously switchy side during all of our playtime. It seemed, at times, that they were spanking each other more than we were spanking them. I know that it sounds like a stretch, but it's true. The girls were spanking as much as we were.

Poor Shy was their primary target, as it seemed that all of the other girls were lining up to have a crack at her backside. As you can see, Suzy had a chance to warm Shy up early in the party, and there's Katia waiting patiently on the sidelines to take her turn.

As soon as Suzy let go of that implement, though, it was in Katia's hand for another round of swats to Shy's upturned backside. Our baby Tanner doesn't appear as affected by Katia's spanking prowess, though, so I guess that Suzy has better spanking skills than the Tampa Tanners management.

Cookie tried to regain the honor of Tampa Tanners later in the night, getting her own opportunity to take a few whacks at Shy's bottom. Cookie did a better job than Katia, but it still looks like I'll have to step up if there's going to be any spanking by Tampa Tanners staff.

In fact, Suzy was so sure of herself that she offered her backside up for Katia to take a turn on her. That either proves that she's brave, or didn't think Katia could make it hurt. There was some color, though, so maybe Katia surprised her.

The other target that the girls focused heavily on was Red, who is normally the one dishing out the spankings, but does switch when the opportunity arises. The girls seemed more than happy to turn the tables on him, too. That smug grin on Suzy's face proves it.

Cookie was no less enthusiastic in her own turn on Red's red bottom. I don't think that I've ever seen her grin that big. Well, maybe I have. I don't remember how giddy she was at the Texas Allstate party that I volunteered for the spanking booth. That memory, though, is enough to make sure that I'm not going to volunteer my backside again in the future.

Hopefully, all of the girls were able to get this Toppiness out of their system. If they get too ornery, they might get the idea that they can try to spank me, and that wouldn't be a pretty sight when I finished with them.

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