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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pirate Spankings (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

Yes, I know that this is the part that you've all been waiting for. I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of all of the spankings that were handed out at the Tampa Tanners pirate spanking party. I have quite a few to share, so I'm actually splitting it up into two posts. The ones that I'll be posting on Thursday have a special theme, but I'll save that for a surprise.

Shy was near the first of the girls to get their bottoms warmed at the start of the party. I can't claim that this is out of the ordinary, as I'm sure that she deserves all of the spankings that she can get. However, not everyone gets spanked with a boat oar by the pirate captain. She had to stay in that position for a while, too, because I wasn't the only person in line to apply some heat to her seat.

It didn't take long for spankings to break out like a virus in the party suite, as this picture of Cookie getting spanked by Red Palmer while Isabella is across my lap in the background. There were only a few moments when two or more spankings weren't going on in tandem during the night. We were keeping pretty busy, and we liked it. This picture was actually taken later in the evening, after Cookie had changed out of her pirate costume.

After the dirty clues game, Suzy brought one of the slips of paper to me to collect on one of the spankings on them. One of her slips offered the chance to give or receive five strokes with the aluminum paddle, and she naturally chose to receive. As the paddle had already been set out on the air conditioner to cool down, it was at the perfect temperature to both warm and cool her bottom. Aside from the paddling, she should probably also be happy to know that I've been looking into getting the paddle duplicated. Once I use my contacts in the machinist industry, I'll look into how much it would take to produce a large number of these paddles for sale at our parties, as well as online for anyone who might like to order one.

Todd wasn't twiddling his thumbs while all of this was going on, either. As you can see, he was able to catch Cookie while she was still in costume. The chance to spank a pirate isn't something that you can easily pass up.

Suzy was interested in a bit of flogging, which was quite thematic for a pirate party. Plus, since she had received a quirt (something like a short whip) as a prize, it only seemed appropriate to test it out, as well as a few other items. Red was eager to try them out, as well.

The hardest part about spanking Shy is trying to get her skin red enough to please everyone. A lot of us spend the entire night trying to add enough color to her cheeks to notice. It's not easy, but we keep working at it. Besides, it's not like Shy can ever be spanked too much, after all.

Red and Katia slipped off into the adjoining bedroom for a more comfortable spanking position. Although, as I speak from experience, this position really isn't any more comfortable, at least for the spanker. I prefer a couch or chair, or some other position that better supports the back. Sitting flat with my legs spread out in front of me always feels awkward.

That's all for today, but come back on Thursday to learn of an interesting phenomenon that I witnessed at the party. It was quite unexpected, to say the least.

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