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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Pirate Look (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

Yes, I know that I'm a little late, but I'm finally getting around to filtering through the pictures and memories of last weekend's Tampa Tanners pirate spanking party. I was sidetracked by a few other topics over the past week, but I'm back on track. Since this was a pirate-themed party, we had the decorations and costumes to set the scene. Much of our props were leftovers from the Titanic party, but we did include a few important new ones, including two pirate treasure chests.

This first chest is actually one that I've had in my possession for a while, and am now using to hold some of my gaming materials for Saturday nights. At the party, though, it held door prize tickets, and cards for a game that we played. I'll share more details about the games in my next party post, though, which will likely occur on Monday.

The other chest wasn't as permanent, but it was certainly tastier. Cookie made this treasure chest cake using directions that she found online. She always goes the extra mile to make the food and decorations special for our parties. Many of us, though, could have done without the cabin biscuits from the Titanic party. This cake, though, got much better reviews. It almost looks like it and my own chest were separated at birth, if either of them had been born.

Of course, none of our parties would be complete without the costumes that we wear. I put a lot of effort into my pirate outfit, and even added in a few extra elements that I haven't used before. The toy gun was something that Cookie and Katia got as props for the party, and it just seemed to work with my look. I also added in the wig, which I previously used for cosplaying at anime conventions as a vampire character. Given that it almost looks like it's bunched up in dreadlocks, it added an extra level of depth to my pirate motif. I actually went barefoot for the party, though, as I couldn't find my boot toppers that I used to have that could make my dress shoes look like pirate boots. I'm sure that I'll find some more before next year.

My favorite part of this costume, though, will always be the paddle, which I purchased at an anime convention from a vendor that makes Gothic Lolita accessories. I always try to purchase one each time that I've seen her at a convention. Unfortunately, I don't think that she makes these, anymore, so I won't be able to buy any more. I have five different ones, though, so I should be good for now.

Cookie's outfit was largely based on a pirate costume that she bought a few years ago, though she also added in a few accessories to improve the look, such as one of the guns. She also has another of my decorative paddles which fit the theme of the party. I believe that the choker was also a new addition, but I could be wrong.

Now, Shy took some work to get into costume, unfortunately, as she just didn't come prepared for the party. Since she didn't have anything to wear, though, we came up with an alternative. We had brought some pirate-themed fabric (I believe that I got it out of my big box of fabric for craft projects), and made her a simple pirate bandanna from it. Given her personality, a pink bandanna actually fits her better than most pirate ideas, anyway. She would definitely be the brattiest pirate on the seven seas.

Suzy was also dressed up for the occasion, though I apparently don't have a decent picture of her in her costume. So, I'll just have to describe it to the best of my ability, which shouldn't be too hard. She was wearing what mostly appeared as a wench costume, though with ornamental chains around the waist which would appear more natural for a gypsy or bellydancer. She had a band of fabric wrapped around her forehead. I'm sure that there will be some decent pictures of her in it once I start sharing the spankings and games, but I had hoped for a simple picture to better illustrate her appearance.

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  1. We had brought some pirate-themed fabric (I believe that I got it out of my big box of fabric for craft projects)