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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Valentine Party (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

Last weekend was another Tampa Tanners party weekend, and it started out on the hectic side. Right after work, I had to rush home to get ready, as I was going to take care of running the meet and greet for Cookie in Katia while the two of them were going to head to the hotel to start decorating the rooms for the party. I wasn't sure how many people were going to show up for the meet and greet, but I took a project to keep me busy, just in case. After all, the meet and greets haven't been known for being extremely busy, and I was expecting plenty of time to work on my project.

We were, however, expecting a few newbies to stop by and visit that had mentioned wanting to come to the party. They never showed, but five of our other existing members, including Todd and Suzy, did come to the restaurant for socializing. Since Cookie and Katia weren't there, though, all that we really did was have some light conversation while we waited to see if any new faces would stop by. Eventually, though, we started heading out to get ready and head to the hotel.

After leaving the meet and greet, I headed back home to get cleaned up and changed for the party. I had wanted to take my shower after work, but I really didn't have any time for that before I had to get to the meet and greet. Figuring that Cookie and Katia could get things started without me, I took my time and got ready. I then headed out and met with the group at the hotel, finding them in the ballroom.

The theme of the night was Valentines, since that is the major holiday in February. One of our couples brought some sound equipment with them and played music for the night, giving us a little ambiance for the theme. There really wasn't any dancing, unless you count linedancing. Though, the “Time Warp” was a fresh inclusion, and watching the girls do a slow version of the “Hokey Pokey” was a treat. I'm just surprised that they didn't bust a move to the “Electric Slide.” Maybe he didn't have that in his discography.

Aside from the usual door prizes, we had a “Heart Attack” paddle from Cane-iac as the prize for a “Spank the Heart” contest similar to the one that Cookie and I won at one of Leelee's parties a few years ago. The idea, of course, is to use any form of spanking implement available to spank the shape of a heart onto the spankee's bottom. There were four couples, though one was really only a single because Cookie was sitting in as his bottom for the contest. Katia and I sat out as judges as the other eight participants had five minutes to make their works of spanking art. The prize went to Cookie's spanker, as the marks on her cheek most closely resembled the shape of a heart. Although there was no prize or recognition for second place, I should mention that a young new couple to the group came very close, but the hearts on the girl's bottom weren't quite defined enough to take the top spot.

For the rest of the night, we mostly played Spankopoly and goofed around, and there wasn't much spanking going on. We did have a break shortly after the contest for dinner, during which we sat around and chatted for a bit in the upstairs suite before heading back down to the ballroom. I'm not sure why we were so laid back, and I'd certainly have liked for their to have been more spanking to be had. Spankopoly tends to be light on spanking, though, but takes up a considerable amount of time from the night. I'd like to get the parties back to some of the icebreaker games that I used to put together, which always left plenty of time afterward for spanking play. I'll talk to Cookie and Katia about that later.

Since I haven't yet received any pictures from the event, I'll once again post those at a later date. I'll also share a disciplinary session that I had with Katia on that Sunday morning. Expect those posts on this upcoming Thursday and Saturday, though I'm not sure what order to expect them in.

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