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Monday, January 30, 2012

New Year's Party Weekend (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

It was an eventful weekend for the Tampa Tanners, as we hosted both a meet and greet on Saturday and a party on Sunday. In the midst of all of this, we were also making plans for the future, starting with another big party next month, a potential monthly event at a local dungeon that we'll be working with, and the huge party that we're planning for the start of 2013 to celebrate our second anniversary.

Everything started with the meet and greet on Saturday. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend, as I was playing babysitter for Cookie's sons and Katia's daughter, as I'm the only one of us that's mean enough to handle three kids in their teens and preteens at a single time. I heard from them that we had three new people stop by to check us out, all three of which then attended the party on Sunday. While our meet and greets have not proven to attract large numbers, they still appear to be the chief way that new members check us out before deciding if they want to attend a party. As such, we'll continue to have them.

We were a bit late in getting the room set up for the party on Sunday, partially because we were told that the hotel had been booked solid for the night before for Gasparilla, and it would take a bit longer than normal for housekeeping to clean the room up for us. It was actually done faster than they anticipated, so we weren't very late in getting started. It did, however, give me a chance to catch up on some online activities in the lobby before we got everything into gear.

We had a good turnout for our first party of 2012. Aside from the group's leadership (myself, Cookie and Katia), we had three couples and two single males. While one of the females chose not to play at this party, we still had four willing female bottoms and six eager male spankers to keep them busy. At the start, though, things were going a bit slowly. So, the suggestion was made that we get one of our Spankopoly boards to get everyone active in a way that wouldn't make anyone feel uncomfortable.

We didn't have any of the boards with us, though, so I quickly went over to Katia's apartment to get hers while Cookie and Katia focused on getting food prepared and everyone fed. When I returned, we started a lengthy game of Spankopoly that lasted for most of the late afternoon and evening, and there was a good bit of fun to be had. I probably would have preferred a faster icebreaker game, but it suited the purpose just fine.

Many pictures were taken during the party, though I'm still waiting for these to be sent to me. Once I have a chance to look them over, and find out who is or is not comfortable with being pictured or named, I'll write another post to share them. That will give me a chance to focus on some of the details of the night's festivities, rather than just generalizations.

After the party was over, though, and everyone had left for the night, Katia and I had a discussion that needed to be gotten out of the way. After several weeks of being unable to see me for a proper punishment session, she was now long overdue. Plus, during this time, she had been very sassy, remarking often about how “safe” she would be for those weeks. She didn't seem to remember, though, that those weeks would eventually come to an end, and that safety would follow. It was time for some comeuppance, and it wasn't going to be pretty.

I'm not certain how many strokes she took that night, but I do know that her bottom and thighs were the color of raspberry Skittles when I was done with her. I'm sure that it was one of the worst punishments that she received from me, both in intensity and emotional distress. I was far from happy with her regarding her past behavior, and she understood that quite well. The punishment that she received was indicative of how disappointed I was, though she still received mercy at the end. By the numbers, she was due at least three or four times as much as she received. I determined, though, that her bottom just couldn't take any more at that time. Afterward, we put some ice on her bottom to soothe the skin, and snapped a few pictures.

In a couple of days, I should be able to share more about the party, as well as the pictures that I'm sure everyone is waiting for.

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