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Monday, July 25, 2011

Spanking Fireworks (X-posted)

(X-posted from Thomas's Spanking Exploits)

Although it's a few weeks late for the actual holiday, the Tampa Tanners belatedly celebrated the nation's birthday this past weekend with spanking fireworks. It ended up being a small party, since some of our staple members were unable to attend. However, we still managed to have a little fun, as can be expected with our group. There was even some spanking fireworks, such as the warm glow that Cookie and I are putting on Katia's bottom in this picture.

In all, we had ten attendees, which isn't a completely bad number. Of course, I was there, as was Cookie and Katia. We also had Freebird, which Katia drove down to Bradenton to get her. I also played taxi, picking up Shy and Dazey for the party. Yes, even though Dazey couldn't play as a bottom, she wanted to come and join in. I just had to make sure that she behaved herself. Red Palmer showed up, though he didn't stay long, but at least he came by to say hello to everyone. We also had another male Top that had come out to one of our previous Sunday parties, and a newbie couple who hadn't been to anything like this before. The wife didn't really seem interested in participating, though she was certainly curious about what was going on. Her husband, though, was quite happy to spank or be spanked, and had several opportunities to do so.

Aside from some lighthearted spanking, we also played a few games to break the ice with the newbies and ease them in gently. We started off with a game of Twister with modified rules. Each round, the first person to fall over would get spanked. Four of the girls took part, including Dazey. However, with her height advantage over the others, she could easily stretch around and get into whatever awkward position was needed, and never fell over. Since she wouldn't have been spanked, even if she did, this wasn't such a problem, though.

After that, we played Spankopoly for a while, but we eventually tired of it, as we often do. I don't think that we ever actually finish a full game of it, since we usually want the spankings to come faster than the game allows. So, once that was over, we moved on to freeform spanking, which was significantly more fun. Even Dazey, who couldn't be on the receiving end, was able to have fun as a Top and spank the other bottoms. Having already been making fun of her for liking the diaper position, Dazey hoisted Shy up into it and warmed her bottom good.

Dazey also go her hands on Cookie and Katia. Cookie seemed to take most of it in stride, though it was Katia's first girl/girl spanking on the receiving end. She had spanked Cookie before on a few occasions, including one of my videos, but never on the receiving end. Cookie, though, is a bit more experienced with feminine hands warming her backside.

Dazey was using Cookie's implements, so she was probably thought that she was in Heaven when Dazey started giving her a dose of the flogger. I wasn't actually in the room to witness this, as I was otherwise occupied with someone across my own lap, but I can imagine that she enjoyed it immensely, regardless of who was swinging it.

As the night started to wind down, and most of the attendees who weren't spending the night had already left, I gathered up Shy and Dazey to get them home. As luck would have it, this apparently was when the sky decided to drop a week's worth of rain on Tampa, coming down in sheets for a good portion of the drive. I made it to their homes and back, though, arriving back at the hotel to settle some unfinished business before bedtime.

Katia was due for a very intense and lengthy caning session for language and rules breaking. She had amassed, through her own poor choices, over 650 strokes on her bare backside. This was a considerable debt, and she wanted to wipe the slate clean before she added on any more. So, before we crawled into bed, she stretched out and submitted to her punishment. I actually ended up only giving her 500 strokes, split evenly between her cheeks and thighs. This was enough for the moment, though, as her cheek was already bleeding in a problem spot, and I didn't think that she could take much more, anyway. She has asked to handle the outstanding debt at a later date, before it once again grows to such an unmanageable number.

The next morning, we took another picture of her bottom, and the purple in her thighs was really starting to come out. It's not often that I get that kind of beautiful discoloration from the spankings that I give, so this was a treat. Normally, the bruises just don't come out as pretty.

Sadly, getting up on Monday morning meant packing everything up early and taking me to work. After a party, I really don't want to go back to the daily grind, but it's a necessity. Fortunately, I can look forward to Fetishcon in less half of a week, and especially Sunday, when I have my first shoot with Dazey, and get to make up for all of the spankings that I didn't give her at the party.

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