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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spanking fireworks and The Back To School Bash (X-posted)

This past weekend was a blast. We had the meet and greet on Saturday followed by a spanking party on Sunday. But before I begin with that I wanted to share two videos promoting the Back to School Bash coming up in about three weeks now.

The meet and greet was good we had a few people come out that I have never meet before including Dazey a model that Thomas has meet and will be working with in the near future.I really liked Dazey and she was a blast both at the meet and greet and then again at the party. We all chatted and ate and had fun talking we even had a pretty decent server that joined in on some of the conversation.

Thomas and i headed to the hotel around 1130 we wanted to get there and set up early so that we would be ready by 2 Katia had to run that morning and pick up one of our guests. Freebird has never been to a spanking party ever and Katia and I have never meet her though Thomas has meet with her on a few occasions for discipline. Thomas had to go and pick up Shy and Dazey so he left me at the hotel and I waited for katia and freebird to arrive and started decorating and took a shower.

We were a little unsure about who all would be making it this time around. We knew one would of course the three that we picked up but weren't sure about anyone else. It ended up that Red Palmer showed up briefly though he had to leave early and didn't get the chance to play this time around. Katia and i had to run to the store and get some munchies for the party and things and we went and did that then the party officially started. Though there was quite a few spankings going on before that between Thomas and the girls that rode with him and the other Top that travels from pretty far. In fact he works Saturdays and he is one of the reasons we have Sunday parties since they are the only ones he can attend and a few others had mentioned that Sundays were better for them. So we switch the nights from Saturday to Sunday every month.

We all decided to play twister. it was a fun game and Shy Katia Dazey and I decided to try it out. freebird has health conditions that did not allow her to play the actual game but she was the spinner. I never should have attempted the game it was alot of fun but with the Lupus and painful joints the bending and twisting just made it bad and i was in pain for the remainder of the party and a day or two afterwards. Next time I will know and either take a pain pill first or just enjoy watching it played.

At one point Thomas was spanking Katia while I was sitting nearby and I decided to slap her bottom as well. Which ended up in us trying to keep tempo with each other and spanking her together. That was interesting and fun LOL. I don't really switch per say but it is fun playing the spanker sometimes with certain people that I am close to and we can have a good time with it.

Shortly after that when we were deciding to order pizza another couple joined us. The husband is a spankee but the wife is vanilla though supportive of his desires and agreed to come with him to check us out. They has some good conversations with some of the other spankos at the party and since Dazey had to model on Wednesday she could only Top at the party and not play as a bottom but she really wanted to come after the meet and greet and meeting us. we are really glad she did and she ended up being needed quite a few times as a spanker for the newbie. We sat down and played Spankopoly with Katia's new board. Once we ended that then the free play spankings started.

I had been spanked by one other professional female spanker. Miss Chris spanked me before at a Texas party. So i was eager to try it again. I asked Dazey to play and we grabbed a few of my implements including my flogger that JP made. We went to the room to play a little on the bed and it was alot of fun to play. Dazey has a different spanking technique and it is was nice to experience it. I also love flogging alot so it was great to be flogged even if by a female.

Before we played Dazey had gotten to play with Shy and Katia. Shy was very brave and allowed Dazey to spank her in the diaper position I took pictures for Shy using her camera. At one point while we were all playing and things Thomas was in the Background spanking I think Katia and Shy grabbed a riding crop and pointed it at me and said its time for your spanking missy. it was all in fun and it was a great time. Shy also started dancing with the crop to the smacking sounds and some music Thomas was playing on Katias phone. I took video of that just for fun. Shy is a cute and bubbly girl and as one of our youngest members she has alot of fun and keeps us all laughing. She is just one of those types that you just got to love.

During Spankopoly the newbie had suggested a game. Which since it was a patriotic party the game was a good idea. he suggested that we all get a pen and paper and sit down and write the names of all the 50 states and any that we miss we get spanked for. It was harder then i thought to remember them all. LOL. Everyone missed some and it was about 15 was the least and 18 was the highest which was mine LOL.

Here are a few of the photos and the video of Shy dancing with the crop it was just silly fun. I always love the parties.

shys camera fireworks party 051 edited.jpg

shys camera fireworks party 049 edited.jpg

shys camera fireworks party 043 edited.jpg

shys camera fireworks party 042 edited.jpg

shys camera fireworks party 041 edited.jpg

shys camera fireworks party 027 edited.jpg

shys camera fireworks party 024 edited.jpg

shys camera fireworks party 023 edited.jpg

shys camera fireworks party 012 edited.jpg

shys camera fireworks party 005 edited.jpg

shys camera fireworks party 004 edited.jpg

shys camera fireworks party 002 edited.jpg

shys camera fireworks party 001 edited.jpg

phone from july party 031 edited.jpg

edited spanking Katia.jpg

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