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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Birchwood Academy Plays Its Part for the Tampa Tanners Back to School Bash

It's official. The Tampa Tanners Back to School Bash spanking party event will be held on August 19-21 in Tampa, Florida, at a hotel within easy access of the airport. Now that Cookie and Katia are hard at work getting things together, it's time to get my own backside in gear for the party. While I'll naturally be helping them out with the party (How is it that two bottoms can rope their Top in like that? What happened to being in CHARGE?), I'll also be doing what I can to incorporate my own personal endeavor, Birchwood Academy, into the festivities. The first thing that came to mind was seeing how one endeavor could help the other.

So, I, as Birchwood Academy's owner, have reserved the two rooms that adjoin to each of the party suites, and will be providing them during the party's daytime hours as semi-private play areas for party attendees. This will give everyone more places to play, without requiring them to leave the main party areas to return to their personal hotel rooms. Plus, it makes more sense for these adjoining rooms to be party areas, instead of leaving them open to reservations. Even if those rooms were reserved by party guests, I would prefer that the main party rooms not be attached directly to private rooms.

During the nighttime hours, though, the rooms will be given a different purpose, and will be private rooms. Birchwood Academy is offering these rooms as accommodations for spanking models that may want to attend, but wish to defer some of the costs for the trip. A large part of any spanking party of significant size are the hotel costs, which usually are more than travel and party costs, combined. Thus, a free hotel room for the weekend is a considerable drop in costs for a model wanting to attend.

In return for the use of these rooms for the weekend, Birchwood Academy would ask for one hour of filming time from the model at some point during the weekend. This could be at any time that would be most convenient for the model, including immediately before or after the actual party's scheduled times. Details for the actual shoot can be discussed in advance of the party weekend, or improvised at the time, depending on what works best for both parties.

Of course, an arrangement like this comes with a list of details and limitations, which I'll now relate back to you in my best lawyer voice. Well, you won't actually be able to hear it but, trust me, it sounds really cool.

Each room has two double beds, so space will be shared between two models in each room, allowing for four models to take advantage of this offer. (I'd like to offer more, but my finances wouldn't allow me to reserve any more than that.) I reserve the right to decline working with models that I don't feel would be a good fit in my videos, or that portray an image that I don't want my store to have. These beds are large enough for two, so any models who wish to bring a companion (significant other, friend, or even another model) may speak with me directly about those arrangements, which may call for a nominal cost, or perhaps additional filming time (which, if the other person is a model, could be supplied by that person, thus allowing for more than four models to take advantage of this offer).

Void where prohibited. All rights reserved. Part of a balanced breakfast. This offer is known to the state of California to cause cancer. Thankfully, the party's in Florida.

That's pretty much the gist of it. If everything goes well, this works out as a winning situation for everyone. Tampa Tanners will get more models coming to its first big event. (There are already two production companies who will be in attendance, Birchwood Academy and Spanking Court, each with some of their own models with them.) Some models who would otherwise be unable to afford the trip (or at least hesitant to spend that much money, when there's already several other similar parties to choose from) will be able to attend and give themselves a chance to promote themselves at the party and vendor fair. Birchwood Academy will receive additional material for sale and promotion, which is always a good thing.

More details about this offer and the Back to School Bash are sure to follow in the coming weeks, as vendors, models and production companies will be announced as attending. Watch this blog, or my personal blog, for more that information as it become available.

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