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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Woodrage Paddles

Yesterday afternoon I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. There was a knock at the door and it was UPS with a package for me. I knew what it had to be since I knew that a shipment was coming from Woodrage paddles. So I was excited to see the what he did for us for the Back to School Bash. When I opened the package and saw the very awesome paddles. I had to take a picture and text it to Thomas and katia. I called Katia right away to tell her that they were here and that they looked amazing. Thomas called me when he got my text since he has a very small phone the picture wasn't that great when I sent it to him and he called to ask why I didn't just wait till he got home. I get very excited about things easily. LOL. But the souvenir paddles that he made for our party are very well done and I was very happy with how they turned out.
Here's a few pics of the little paddles that he made as a souvenir for all our guests at the Tampa Tanners Back to school bash.

Now this picture does not even portray in the least the craftsmanship he did with these. Even as these are just promo paddles he made sure that each one was cut out perfect and they are really quite thick. You can tell that he took alot of time and effort into these paddles and we really appreciate it and I really can't wait till the party. I know that if he took all that time and effort into making these I can only imagine how much time and dedication he puts into the paddles he makes for his site and customers. I am ordering a custom paddle for Thomas this week from him as he really has a great selection of paddles and I can tell from our correspondence as well as the promo paddles that he works hard and takes pride in what he makes and presents and he is a really nice guy I highly recommend that you check out his website Woodrage paddles. and see all the wonderful paddles he has to offer.
For all the guests at the Back to School Bash we will be giving out a souvenir paddle and on the attached business card which an image is shown below is a code for a discount to his store.

The registrations have started coming in which I get excited with each one LOL and we are all still working hard at planning and things for the big party. It is both exciting and scary at the same time. I have never thrown a big bash such as this and while it is quite fun to plan and meet and talk with everyone that I have gotten the chance to meet and talk with regarding events and things it still gets my stomach in knots as I want things to go smoothly and I want to ensure that all our guests have a wonderful time.

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